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How to Make Sticks in Minecraft

Thought you ought to know

by Jordan Lemons

The world has loaded and you’re dropped in the middle of the wilderness. What now? In Minecraft, there are a few select options you can choose from to start your adventure. You can either run around and hope for the best, or maybe there’ll be some helpful nomad to help you out or a nearby town like in those RPGs. 

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But oftentimes in Minecraft, it’s every man for themselves. So you gotta start with the basics. First, you’re going to need some important items, the everyday essential utensil that you’ll use to build just about every important item from here till the end of the game: sticks. But how do you get them?

How to Make Sticks in Minecraft

Well, depending on how great a biome you’ve been landed in, you’re likely to run into some trees. Don’t be afraid to try out something new, so go ahead and just start punching the trunk of the tree. Doing so will steadily begin to break down the block you’re hitting until eventually, you end up with a log in your inventory. Now, it’s not a stick yet, but this log is full of potential. First, though, you’re going to need to break it down.

Opening your inventory allows you to unlock a small space in the upper-right-hand corner of your menu. This two-by-two square space lets you craft some simple items from the get-go or break down other key items. Place the Log here and you’ll find that you can turn this log into four Wood Planks. Now, we are one step closer to getting Sticks.

Luckily, you don’t need to go any further than this same two-by-two crafting space, but instead of placing the Log in there, you’re going to input the Wood Planks. But, the recipe for Sticks needs to have two Planks, so stacking one Wood Plank on top of another vertically gives you the opportunity to gather sticks. Another four for the two planks you get.

And voila, now with these sticks, you can begin crafting all sorts of different weapons, tools, and other helpful items.

Of course, you could probably just break down the entire tree and wait until the leaves break apart to give you sticks. There’s that too.

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