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Is Strip Mining Still Good in Minecraft 1.19? – Answered

Strip those ores naked.

by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Is Strip Mining Good

Strip mining is one of the oldest Minecraft tricks out there. By digging down into some of the lowest layers in the map through a straight line for resources into a tunnel and then doing the same thing with a few blocks of distance, you can effectively snag almost all of the resources of an area without much effort. But is this method still good on the current 1.19 version of the game?

With some of the changes implemented over the years, Minecraft has gotten somewhat more and more complex, and new strategies for optimizing time and effectiveness have been theorycrafted and proven by many players. Find out if the good ‘n old strip mining is still the rage in the games.

Is Strip Mining Still Good in Minecraft 1.19? – Answered

Strip mining is still effective as ever. It’s basically a brain-dead method for gathering easy resources, and it will rarely not be a good option. If you don’t feel like changing your approaches to mining or just want to comfortably watch a video or something while doing so, this is the recommended tactic, as it will rarely fail you.

Placing torches on each of the “strips” will keep monsters from spawning, so you can solely concentrate on gathering some rare ores for posterity. Keep going as long as you can in the appropriate mining levels for your desired resources, and you’ll not be disappointed by your final bounty.

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Exploring caves might get you more resources, though, thanks to some earlier updates. This is obviously a more painstaking process and may not be the best option if you’re just starting a new game and has few to no resources, including protective gear. You’ll be dealing with a lot of monsters when exploring those areas, so be prepared.

So in summary, strip mining is still one of your best choices if you just wanna have some good digging and chill moments. There are better, more optimized methods for doing so, but they’re also harder to pull off, so you might be better off with your usual ways.

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