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How to Make a Beehive in Minecraft

No actual bees were harmed in the making of this guide

by Jordan Lemons

While Bees serve a relatively niche purpose in Minecraft, they are an adorable mob to have around. Floating around, collecting pollen back and forth from their flowers to their hive is too sweet of a scene not to have somewhere on your farm. There are two ways of collecting bees, by creating a house for them or by collecting the beehive itself.

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How to Make a Beehive

The most accessible way of getting to Bees without worrying about enchantments is to make a Beehive. The two main components you will need for this recipe are any type of Wood Plank and Honeycomb. While Wood Planks can be obtained from any tree once it is broken down in either the player’s inventory crafting space or on a Crafting Table, Honeycomb will require a bit more advancements, mainly Iron. 

Gathering Honeycomb from an organic Beehive can come with a set of risks, once it breaks, a bunch of angry Bees will pop out to turn against the Player. It also requires a specific tool, Shears. Placing Iron Bars on opposite corners of the player’s inventory will produce a set of Shears. You can collect Wool and Leaf Blocks this way, but we will be using it to collect Honeycomb. An additional item you are going to want to bring with you is a campfire. With a combination of Sticks, Logs, and Coal or Charcoal, you can craft a Campfire which will produce Smoke. Placing a Campfire underneath a Beehive will prevent the Bees from becoming aggressive and once you break down the Beehive with a pair of Shears, you can obtain Honeycomb.

Beehives can only be crafted on a Table, so you will make two rows of Wooden Planks on the top and bottom of the Crafting Table with the Honeycomb running in the middle like a risky sandwich. This will produce a Manmade Beehive that you can use instead to collect Bees and gather Honey more efficiently.

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