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Minecraft: How to Repair a Trident

One plus one makes one.

by Patrick Souza

Although they’re not your average weapon for survival, Tridents are viable choices for defending yourself from anything that moves in Minecraft. You don’t see them very often, but being able to be thrown, as well as serving in close combat, makes them very deadly. 

Their downside is becoming damaged over time, so you’ll have to fix it if you’re using it for some long-distance hunting. And here’s how you can repair a Trident in Minecraft.

How to Repair Tridents in Minecraft

Tridents will lose their durability after some successful throws, and the only way to repair them is to get another damaged Trident and mash them together to get a new, durable one. This can be done either by opening your inventory and mashing them here or through the Crafting Table. Be aware that repairing Tridents through this method will remove any previous Enhancements they once had.

To keep those modifications, you need to repair them on an Anvil, which will preserve every possible Enhancement. Repairing through the Grindstone also keeps them, with the exceptions of the Curse of Vanish and the Curse of Binding.

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Getting more Tridents is the hard part, though. They’re only dropped from Drowneds and cannot be obtained anywhere else. Finding a drowned’s not that big of a deal, but finding one holding a Trident can be more time-consuming. Now it needs to drop the trident, and it has an even lower chance of that. Couldn’t get it? Time to start all over; good luck.

Yeah, it’s rough, so it might be better to stick to your good and old swords. If you ever need some ranged action, arrows are also easier to get. But don’t shy away from these marine weapons as they’re still incredibly strong. Just a little bit harder to come by.

You can enjoy Minecraft on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/Y, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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