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How to Breed Bees in Minecraft

Time to learn about the Bees and the... Bees

by Jordan Lemons

In Minecraft, there are a variety of passive mobs, one of which is the docile Bee. But you won’t find a Queen in this game, so it’s up to you to make sure that if you want a nice, full garden full of sustained and happy pollen-butt Bees, you’re going to need what every Bee wants; Flowers. Here’s how to breed Bees in Minecraft.

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Minecraft – A Quick Flower Hack

Bees thrive when there are plenty of flowers to bring to and from their hive. And it’s honestly too cute of a chance to pass up to see their little bodies covered in pollen, leaving trails through the air as they float around. In order to keep your bees content, be sure to have lots of flowers for them!

But flowers can be hard to come by and feel quite limited when you’re exploring. You’d much rather carry your hard-earned spoils of Minerals, Mob Drops, and Rare Items back to your house than figure out how what to throw out to make room for flowers. But there is a way to take one flower and make many of them! 

Before you start stylizing your garden, you can place down one flower and use Bone Meal on it. This will actually help you to produce multiples of that flower! Continue sacrificing your hard-earned Bone Meal to soon have an abundance of flowers for decoration and for your Bees!

Yes, Flowers are the items that you’ll need to incur Breeding Mode between two Bees. Feeding a flower to each Bee, much like feeding Seeds to Chickens, Wheat to Cows, and Carrots to Horses will cause hearts to erupt around the Bees. And soon, you’ll see a tiny, life-sized Bee floating around. Instead of these adorable but unnerving bugs that are the size of your head…

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