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How to Fix Minecraft “Outdated Client” Error

Your blocks are too old.

by Matt Vatankhah
How to Fix Minecraft Authentication Servers are Down Error

After over a decade, Minecraft is still going strong as one of the most popular gaming IPs of all time. Naturally, as a game that’s lasted this long, it’s received a regular stream of updates and additional content over the years. Constant updates means that client versions will regularly change, and throw in the fact Minecraft’s available on just about every platform (with some platforms offering both a Java and Bedrock edition) and you can see where things start to get a little messy. If you’re experiencing the “Outdated Client” error in Minecraft, we’ll show you exactly how to fix it below.

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How to Fix Minecraft “Outdated Client” Error

Minecraft will normally update automatically on whatever platform you’re playing on, but if you haven’t jumped in for a while, you may run into this error when trying to connect to an online Minecraft Realm. Here’s how to fix the error on each platform:

Minecraft on PC and Xbox (Bedrock)

As stated, your Minecraft client should automatically update itself when you start the launcher. However, players on the Xbox and PC Bedrock editions can opt into the Beta version via the Xbox Insider program. While this leads to some sneak peeks at upcoming content, it could lead to some version incompatibility.

If you’re in this boat, follow these steps to hop out of the beta preview version:

  • Open the Xbox Insider app
  • Click on Insider Content, then select Minecraft
  • Select Manage
  • Click on Unenroll to leave the beta version

After unenrolling, Minecraft will uninstall and reinstall itself with the normal, updated version.

Minecraft on PC (Java)

Through the Minecraft launcher, you’ll be able to select a specific version of the game to launch.

  • Open the Minecraft launcher
  • Select Installations, then click New
  • Name your new install, then use the dropdown box on the Version line to select a version
  • Click Create

Minecraft on PlayStation 4

  • Highlight the Minecraft game icon from your PS4 main menu
  • Press the Options button
  • Select Check for Update

If an update is available, your PlayStation will automatically download the newest version.

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

  • Highlight the Minecraft game icon from your Switch main menu
  • Press the plus button (+)
  • Select Software Update, then choose Via the internet

If an update is available, your Switch will automatically download the newest version.

Minecraft on Mobile

Your mobile device should automatically keep Minecraft updated as long as it has internet access. However, you can double check by heading to your device’s app store and searching for Minecraft.

  • If the button next to the game says “Open,” Minecraft is up to date
  • If the button says “Update,” click it to download the latest update

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