Best Minecraft Prison Servers (April 2023)

They're trying to build a prison (For you and me to live in)

Minecraft Prison is a Minecraft mod that doesn’t involve the usual gameplay where you farm for resources in the wild, construct your home, go to the Nether, fight the Ender dragon, etc. But it’s a mod that you might be familiar with if you played the interpretation of this setting in other games, such as Counter-Strike’s jailbreak mod.

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Minecraft Prison takes place in a jail where players perform tasks and activities to survive and progress in the prison hierarchy. You can also try to make a run for it, but there are dire consequences if you fail this naughty activity. Prima Games will give you our selection of the best Minecraft Prison servers. Hope you’ll have fun!

Top 8 Minecraft Prison Servers (April 2023)

If you see one you like, you can join the server by going to Multiplayer -> Add Server and then typing in the IP address (and port, if needed, for Bedrock edition). The following list is in no particular order but we hope that you will be able to make a selection of your favorite server(s) fairly easily. Here’s our Top 8:

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OPBlocks Prison Server for Minecraft

  • OPBlocks
    BEDROCK: (Port 19132)

ManaCube Prison Server for Minecraft

BlossomCraft Prison Server for Minecraft

Complex Gaming Prison Server for Minecraft

Purple Prison Prison Server for Minecraft

PixelBlock Prison Server for Minecraft

  • PixelBlock

MinesMC Prison Server for Minecraft

MCHub Prison Server for Minecraft

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We hope you’ll have a blast on at least one of these servers. Make sure to explore our Minecraft game tag for more fun articles about Minecraft here at Prima Games. See you soon at Prima Games!

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