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All Materials Required for Ascending Yelan in Genshin Impact

Let the interrogations begin...

by Jordan Lemons

Despite her DIY bowl haircut, Genshin Impact’s Yelan has proven to be an invaluable ally in both powering through enemies and unleashing a new set of combinations you can try with Dendro being released since her first run. She is incredibly fun to see on the field, battling with her insane style of wielding a bow and Naruto-running through the field to capture enemies. With her next banner on the run, let’s dive into summoning the materials she needs before inviting her home.

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Return to the Chasm – HoYoverse Really Likes Its Snakes

First, as ever, are going to be the boss materials that you are going to need to venture into the Chasm for. Did any veteran players never step foot in the Chasm after you completed it? Yeah, we’re headed back in. The Ruin Serpent is found in The Serpent’s Cave, a lone cavern that can be found to the left of the main mining area where you spent most of your time during the quest. The Serpent has a nasty habit of remaining underground unlike the Doggy Snake from Inazuma, so it requires you to be fast with your attacks while it is out. Bring a strong hitter, such as someone who can deal hard hits or a Claymore user, since, during the battle, you’re going to destroy Crystals to restore your Lumenstone. One of the Ruin Serpent’s attacks is restoring itself with several large pools of contamination around the field. Deploying your Lumenstone in the right location can lead to stunning the Serpent, allowing you to unleash several combinations to take out large chunks of its health. Once defeated, you are rewarded with Runic Fangs, which Yelan will need 46 of, but the Ruin Serpent comes with a catch. It drops Prithiva Topaz instead of Varunada Lazurite so Yelan will require either a second boss to attack in the meantime to gather enough gems to ascend her or you can use the crafting table. 

The Crafting Station has an additional tab other than just making and upgrading materials. You can also transform some items. Using Dust of Azoth, you can transform some of the gems you have an abundance of into the ones you require. We recommend you only use this for some of the larger gems since Dust of Azoth is difficult to get and purchased through Paimon’s Bargains. Using Bosses to get as many of the smaller Slivers and Fragments and Dust of Azoth to collect the rest of the gems, you should ascend your Yelan to full potential in no time.

Genshin Impact Yelan Ascension Materials

The great thing about older characters who are seeing a rerun is that you don’t need to worry about waiting to farm for their ascension materials until they are released. Yelan makes for a surprisingly easy build by being one of the few characters aside from Childe (ironically enough) that requires Starconches. These beautiful round shells can be found at just about any beachside that exists in Liyue and Inazuma. You could probably farm all 168 in two days by tackling these two nations since they tend to generate daily. It’s also a great way to collect some crabs along the beach as well in case you want to save money by buying them from Fish Sellers. 

The other item you will need for her ascension and her talents are the Insignias that will drop from every Fatui member you defeat. They can drop from Harbingers as well as the Cicin Mages and Agents. Targeting these enemies will also drop Grass and Knives that can be very useful in building weapons. If you run out of knowledge of where these characters spawn on the map, you can also use your Adventurer’s Journal which will help you locate and find various large groups of Harbingers all across the map by selecting that Enemy and hitting Navigate. 

  • x1 Varunada Lazurite Sliver, x9 Varunada Lazurite Fragment, x9 Varunada Lazurite Chunk, x6 Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
  • x46 Runic Fang
  • X168 Starconch
  • x18 Recruit’s Insignia, x30 Sergeant’s Insignia, x36 Lieutenant’s Insignia

Genshin Impact Yelan Talent Level-Up Materials

To best stack up Yelan’s damage, upgrading her Talents is a must. As a Liyue resident, her domain requirement is the Taishan Mansion, where Prosperity is commonly available on Monday and Thursday. On Sunday, all materials become available for farming, so it’s always a good day to stock up on what you need in case you missed farming during the other days of the week. Yelan will also require more Insignias to level up her materials, but once she passes Level Six, she will require World Boss Drops.

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The World Boss she requires is in the Domain of Beneath the Dragon-Queller, a boss that is only unlocked after you finish Zhongli’s Second Story Quest. This may prove to be a great boss to occasionally farm at since he will occasionally drop the gems Varunada Lazurite. But along with the gems, she requires the Gilded Scale upon finishing up that battle. For each Talent Branch, she needs six to level it up fully, so in the case that you do not have enough, you can take your extra World Boss drops from Beneath the Dragon-Queller and transform them at the crafting table into the material you do require.

Yelan Talent Ascension Materials Needed for ONE Branch (With Crown)

  • x3 Teachings of Prosperity, x21 Guide to Prosperity, x38 Philosophies of Prosperity
  • x6 Recruit’s Insignia, x21 Sergeant’s Insignia, x31 Lieutenant’s Insignia
  • x6 Gilded Scale
  • x1 Crown of Insight

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