All Lynel Locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Time to get some Lynels.

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Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom are formidable but rare enemies who drop incredible materials for upgrades and fusions. Those on the hunt for the centaur-like creature should continue reading to see all of the Lynel locations in the game.

Where to Find Lynels on the Surface in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are 15 Lynels with different colored manes throughout the surface of Hyrule. The colors (red, blue, white, and silver) indicate how strong the Lynel is and the probability of rare drops. Red-maned Lynels are the weakest and don’t give as good of drops, while silvers are the strongest and have the best loot. Keep in mind that Lynels may have different colored manes depending on how far you are in the game and how many you’ve already defeated.

Upland Lindor, near Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower-2142, 1506, 0227
West Hyrule Plains, near New Serenne Stables -1527, 0132, 0107
By Illumeni Plateau and Lake Illumeni, near Turakawak Shrine-3365, -0032, 0090
Risoka Snowfield, near Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower or Otutsum Shrine-4491, -0954, 0509
Stalry Plateau, near Kitawak Shrine-1496, -2706, 0148
Kamah Plateau, near Lakeside Stable1515, -3905, 0200
Harfin Valley, near Highland Stable 0100, -3364, 0005
Nautelle Wetlands, near Ishokin Shrine-0657, -3853, 0079
Lanayru Heights2699, -0931, 0235
Millennio Sandbar, in Lanayru wetlands2014, -0304, 0009
Rabia Plane, near Lanayru wetlands2482, -0501, 0110
Close to Hebra Plunge, near Oromuwak Shrine -2844, 1821, 0305
By Hebra West Summit, near Tauyosipun Shrine -4526, 2643, 0232
North Akkala Valley, near East Akkala Stable 3726, 2919, 0033
Ukuku Plains, near Rasitakiwak Shrine3908, 0977, 0249

Where to Find Lynels in the Depths

There are 19 Lynels in the Depths of Hyrule. Like the surface, they are typically located in an empty area, however, several are located in the Floating Coliseum where you can also find Majora’s Mask. Again, similarly to surface Lynels, these are very formidable foes with different colored manes indicating their strength. You’ll find that many Lynels in the Depths also have armor on that you’ll need to break first.

Near Kohsustu Lightroot 0506, -3400, -0499
Near Kimakarut Lightroot -2787, -2268, -0487
Near Mu-ustust Lightroot -1432, -1300, -0445
Floating Coliseum (Red, Blue, White, Silver, and Armored Silver)-0708, -1151, -0517
Near Stakijat Lightroot 0260, -1156, -0455
Near U-u-ujoj Lightroot 1545, -3486, -0524
Near Sohse Lightroot 1723, -1958, -0464
Near Korakut Lightroot 1027, -0262, -0470
Near Kawakanis Lightroot -1235, 0764, -0548
Near Muihcoro Lightroot -1566, 2594, -0684
Near Uihcoke Lightroot 1015, 1158, -0473
Near Anonisik Lightroot 2608, 1164, -0597
Near Gedihcayam Lightroot 3143, 1699, -0640
Near Ui-ihcoj Lightroot 4257, 2735, -0575
Hyrule Castle depths -0238, 0783, -1085

Tips on Defeating Lynels

It’s important to prepare for any encounter with Lynels. They have incredibly powerful moves, are fast, and have plenty of hit points to spare. If you want to make these encounters easier, try using puffshrooms. This material can be found in the depths and will let out a cloud of smoke when thrown. Throw these by a Lynel and you’ll be able to attack it without worrying about them hitting you.

Since Lynels have tons of hit points you’ll also want to bring some of your strongest weapons. Check out this guide to see if you’ve got the best weapons to defeat Lynels so that you’re fully prepared.

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