All Licenced Clothing Brands in Need for Speed Unbound - Listed

All Licensed Clothing Brands in Need for Speed Unbound – Listed

Got them Versace shoes?

On the streets of Lakeshore City, it’s not just about being the fastest, it’s about doing it with style, yo! I’m not only referring to insanely tuned and customized cars with crazy arty pieces of vinyl, but also to the drivers themselves. The trend that started in Need for Speed Heat continues in Unbound – we have a bunch of licensed shirts, shoes, jackets, and more in there so that we can adjust the style of the driver to the smallest detail. So, fellow kids, let’s check out all of the licensed clothing brands that are in Need for Speed Unbound.

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All Licensed Clothing Brands in Need for Speed Unbound

At the very beginning of the game even before you get to the choice of the starter junker (ie. your first car), you choose one of the presets for the appearance of your driver. Once you have set all the physical characteristics, you have to dress up – and that’s where you pick your clothing, which is divided into two categories. There is “All Clothing” where you can see all of the clothing items in the game, and the “Brand Collections” option where only the branded items will be listed.

Some really huge fashion brands are on this list!

  • Palace
  • Champion
  • Vans
  • Mki Miyuki Yoku
  • Guizio
  • Puma
  • GCDS
  • Edwin
  • Alpha Industries
  • Born -X- Raised
  • Brain-Dead
  • FILA
  • Balmain Paris
  • Namilia
  • AWGE
  • Acne Studios

Exceptional list, isn’t it? The Toni-Blaze Ibekwer Wonderland Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief curated this fashion collaboration list for EA himself and stated that, “With these partnerships, we’re blurring the lines between IRL and digital content, and my main hope is that fans adopt the freedom to express themselves through clothing, and apply some of their ‘daring’ in-game choices in real life.”

So there you have it, just don’t spend all of your money at once on those Versace shoes, save something for actual car upgrades first and once you get rich, go all out on the bling… or whatever you kids call it these days.

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