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What are Takeover Events in Need for Speed Unbound? – Answered

Takeover them streets, yo.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
What are Takeover Events in Need for Speed Unbound

The more details we learn about Need for Speed Unbound, the more it seems that this return and slight rebrand of the legendary arcade racing series will be memorable. Although the stylish, almost anime-like graphics and the over-the-top visual effects surprised many, it is still a new game from the recently revived Criterion studio which brought us some of the best games in the franchise’s history.

After the first couple of trailers where we saw A$AP Rocky and various in-game product placements (Versace is in it, yo), we are now slowly learning about the activities in the game itself. In the latest gameplay trailer, we learned all about the new Takeover events in Need for Speed Unbound.

What are Takeover Events in Need for Speed Unbound?

The Takeover events in the game are there for players to impress their peers in the city of Lakeshore. These are freestyle challenges where instead of classic racing or police pursuits you collect rack-up points and build big combos by performing all kinds of activities that wreak havoc in the city and attract law enforcement. Destruction of the environment, reckless driving, drifting, and even flying on anime wings count here, as well as collecting collectibles and score multipliers. Think Gymkhana from DIRT games mixed with Skill Challenges from Forza Horizon, but with the Need for Speed flavor.

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Players will be able to participate in these challenges exclusively at night, as we learned from the new trailer (see above) that showcases the Takeover events. As it seems, Need for Speed Unbound, similar to 2019’s Need for Speed Heat, will have day and night changes, complete with special events and activities that can only be started during the daytime or at the night.

Need for Speed Unbound arrives on December 2, only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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