All Items You Can Buy From Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

Stock up once her shop unlocks!

Lords of the Fallen Pieta at Skyrest Bridge
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While many of the items you use in Lords of the Fallen stem from dead bodies and fallen enemies, with the occasional treasure chest thrown in for good measure, you’ll wind up spending a lot of Vigor buying items from Pieta at Skyrest Bridge. She’s a key merchant partway through the game and has plenty of consumables, spells, and upgrade materials. Here is everything you can buy from Pieta in Lords of the Fallen.

Everything Pieta Sells in Lords of the Fallen

Like in Elden Ring, you must decide whether to spend your hard-earned currency gained through slaying enemies to either level up and become stronger or purchase necessary items and materials to help you progress. It’s a balancing act. And sometimes, just sometimes, the items Pieta sells are more worthwhile than a single level up.

Minor Wither SaltsConsumable250 Vigor
Replete Vigor SkullConsumable6000 Vigor
Seething Vigor SkullConsumable3000 Vigor
Vestige MothConsumable1500 Vigor
Vestige SeedConsumable2500 Vigor
Eye of VengeanceConsumable1000 Vigor
Charm of Fortune’s SightRanged Weapon650 Vigor
Mother’s WatchRings3000 Vigor
Rebirth ChrysalisUpgrade Materials8000 Vigor
Umbral ScouringUpgrade Materials1000 Vigor
Lingering DespairSpells500 Vigor
Poison WeaponSpells1650 Vigor
Umbral OrbSpells500 Vigor
Umbral GuardianSpells3000 Vigor

As you can see, some of these items, like a Replete Vigor Skull, prove exceptionally expensive to purchase. But a Vigor Skull, when activated, will provide you with Vigor. It’s like a convenient way to launder your Vigor and minimize the risk of losing any upon death.

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