All Final Fantasy XIV Cosmetics In Fall Guys Listed – Tiers & Rewards

Get ready to become the Warriors of Light in this epic crossover.

It looks like Fall Guys may see an influx of Final Fantasy XIV fans in the upcoming weeks, thanks to a new collaboration that brings some of the most adorable creatures into the much-beloved battle royale. While Fall Guys may not be the most intense BR on the market, it’s a blast to jump into with friends, much like the inspiration behind these cosmetics. Get your Fall Pass ready and start grinding to get your hands on these epic rewards.

All Final Fantasy XIV / Fall Guys Cosmetics – Listed

Below, you’ll find all of the currently available FFXIV/Fall Guys cosmetics listed, so you know exactly how much grinding you’ll need to do before you can get your hands on your favorite Warriors of Light.

Fat Chocobo Top & Bottoms – Tier 1

Moogle Cap – Tier 5

Screenshot by Prima Games

Goobbue Bottoms & Top – Tier 6 & Tier 8

Minions Of Eorzea Skin – Tier 10

Screenshot by Prima Games

Spriggan Cap – Tier 14

Screenshot by Prima Games

Alisaie Bottoms & Top – Tier 16 & Tier 18

Alphinaud Bottoms & Top – Tier 22 & Tier 24

Namazu Bottoms & Top – Tier 27 & Tier 29

White Mage Bottoms & Top – Tier 35 & Tier 37

Dragoon Bottoms & Top – Tier 38 & Tier 40

Fat Black Chocobo Bottoms & Top – Tier 99 & Tier 100

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With a massive variety of different cosmetics to unlock for your favorite little beans, you’ve got plenty of work ahead of you. You’ll have until October 3, 2023, to work your way through the pass and try to unlock them all, so get ready for a fair bit of grinding ahead.

No matter if you’re a master at falling gracefully or you’re still trying to learn how to emote, we’ve got you covered on all things Fall Guys in our section below. We’ve got you covered on how to pick the perfect maps for your next gaming session, and plenty of tips to help you take home a victory of your own.

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