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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the wacky, free-to-play party royale, entered Season 1 on June 21 of this year. Technically its seventh season, it introduces a slew of new content to keep players busy, including new stages to compete in, new outfits and emotes, new currencies to earn, and more. Without many options for chatting in-game, Emotes have naturally become a popular way to communicate to your fellow contestants, whether to cheer for your teammates or flex on your opponents. Read on to find out how to emote in Fall Guys.

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Unlocking Emotes in Fall Guys

Emotes, as well as other cosmetics and theatrics, come from several different sources. Some of the ways you can get your hands on Emotes are:

Season 1 Premium Season Pass

Of course, the Season Pass offers more goodies than you can shake a golden egg at. With 50 free unlocks and 50 premium unlocks, you’ll have plenty of rewards to grind for throughout the season. Unfortunately, it appears that all the Emotes are locked behind the premium version, so you’ll have to fork over some cash to grab those.

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Limited Store Bundles

Occasionally, some special event bundles will hit the Fall Guys store, and with a handful of Show-Bucks, you can grab yourself a few skins, celebrations, and emotes through them. The latest bundle, the WWE Summerslam Collaboration, just ended on August 1 and was available for 2000 Show-Bucks. Keep your eyes on the store so you don’t miss the next one.


Speaking of Show-Bucks, did we mention there’s a new currency? Show-Bucks are the new paid currency introduced in Fall Guys Season 1, and you can purchase a variety of costumes, emotes, and more with them.

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How to Emote in Fall Guys

Now that you’ve collected some Emotes, it’s time to use them! Head over to the Customise menu and navigate to the Theatrics screen. Emotes, a subset of the Theatrics category, are stored here, and you can choose the ones you’ve obtained to assign to specific keys or button presses.

By default, your Emotes will be assigned to your 1-4 keys on PC or your four directional inputs on your D-pad on console. Use the Theatrics menu to reassign your Emotes to these keys so you can dance, wave, and dab your way to victory in your next match.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is free-to-play and available now.

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