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Steal every candy in sight!

Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Show Thief

Sweet Thieves returns in Fall Guys once again. In this game mode, you play as a Thief or Guardian, and depending on your role, you either steal or defend candies. How you strategize and win the game is directly shaped by which team you’re on. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover some strategies for how to win as a Thief in the Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Show.

How to Win as a Thief in the Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Show

As a Thief, your primary objective is to steal candies and throw them into buckets. The buckets appear as small holes in the ground near your spawn area. However, if a Guardian catches you, you’ll be temporarily sent to prison until another teammate can save you all. If all the Thieves enter jail or you don’t steal all 12 candies in time, you’ll lose!

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One advantage Thieves have over Guardians is that they can turn invisible. However, you’ll walk slower while hidden, making it easier for them to run up and catch you. Despite this, it’s a crucial ability for evading attention from the Guardians, so you can sneak in and grab a candy.

The best way to steal candies without getting caught is to take side passageways that not many players use. Typically, you’ll find most Guardian players either in the middle of the map or near the candy spawning areas. While some will monitor the entryways, you’re much more likely to find them in one of these areas. This is especially true for the middle platform where the thief jailbreak button is located!

Once you get closer to the spawn regions, go invisible until there are no players nearby. Afterward, head in and take a candy before taking another side path away from other people. Alternatively, if several players are nearby, stay invisible and steal the candy when they aren’t looking. They’ll eventually turn away or get distracted by one of your teammates, allowing you to sneak in and take the candy for yourself. The game is about staying away from guardians and not getting caught, after all!

To hold candies, you must grab and hold them using your grab button. Depending on your platform, this control is either Shift (PC), RT (Xbox), ZR (Switch), or R2 (PS4/5). Once you have the candy, hide from the Guardians and make your way back to the buckets near the jail. To throw the candy in, just let go of your grab button while facing the buckets!

Fall Guys is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in reading more content, check out how to obtain both the new Fatal Gury Skins and the Tall Guy costume.

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