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When Does Fall Guys Season 1 Free for All End? – Answered

Finish up your Battle Pass before the season ends!

by Madison Benson

Since Season 1: Free for All of Fall Guys went live, many have enjoyed the game’s various modes. Whether you’ve been playing Squads Shows with friends, grinding solo crowns or messing around with limited-time events, there is plenty of content for you to explore. However, with the season starting on June 21, you may wonder how much longer you have before it is over. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover when Fall Guys Season 1: Free for All ends.

When Does Fall Guys Season 1: Free for All End?

Season 1 of Fall Guys ends on August 29, giving you nearly the entire month of August to finish up your battle pass. Whether you’ve been playing since the season started or are just picking up the game now, you still have time to get some games in. However, ensure that if you’re looking to max out the battle pass, you start as soon as possible! With 100 levels to it, it’ll take some time to get all the way to the end.

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From now until the season’s end, you’ll have numerous chances to complete daily, weekly and marathon tasks to increase your crown shards, battle pass points, and Kudos. These challenges range from playing different game modes to winning matches. Furthermore, your objectives may include miscellaneous tasks like running in race rounds, diving thousands of times, and even grabbing other players. Thankfully, if you start early, you can finish a good chunk of these challenges before the season ends!

With this season also came plenty of fun costumes for everyone to enjoy. Depending on how far you get into the battle pass, you may get your hands on a bright red dragon outfit, an Among Us skin, or the Mecha Godzilla costume if you get right to the end. Along the way, you’ll also find numerous patterns, nameplates, and other cosmetics to enjoy. Collecting battle pass points by playing matches and completing challenge tasks will help you advance towards these rewards. Just be sure to start now since many of these will become unavailable after Fall Guys Season 1: Free for All ends on August 29!

Fall Guys is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, PS4, and PS5, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in reading more content, check out How to Add Friends and How to Get Tall Guy.

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