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All Confirmed Characters in Street Fighter 6

Five characters have been confirmed for Street Fighter 6 so far.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic

Although the first teaser was revealed back in February, we got our first detailed look at Street Fighter 6 in June 2022 at the PlayStation’s State of Play presentation. A first glimpse at the gameplay revealed the stylized look of the game powered by RE Engine, as well as some unexpected new modes like the street roaming World Tour. Here are all the confirmed characters in Street Fighter 6 so far.

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List of All Confirmed Characters in Street Fighter 6

While there is no doubt that Street Fighter 6 will feature many legendary characters from the long-running CAPCOM franchise and fresh new fighters we have yet to encounter, only the characters listed below have been confirmed for the time being:

  • Ryu – The main character of the Street Fighter series is back again, of course, only this time he looks a little different, older and more experienced, but with his old usual shoto style of fighting. Maybe a little influence he picked up from Dhalssim and Oro.
  • Chun-Li – The first lady of Street Fighter is back as well, and she also looks a little different and older but her moves and even the SF2 costume have remained the same.
  • Luke – Luke was seen previously as the last new DLC fighter for SFV. We also noticed him in trailers for SF6 as a rival to Ryu where he acts as the possible new main protagonist. Also, the gameplay shown for the World Tour mode was only with him. Coincidence? We’ll see…
  • Jamie – Jamie is a new character debuting in Street Fighter 6. According to his official biography on the SF6 website, he is a self-styled resident of Chinatown that aspires to the example set by Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons, and an expert dancer that uses a martial art reminiscent of the drunken masters from many other fighting games.
  • Guile – Another SF2 icon is coming back! Guile performs many of his classic moves, but there are a couple of new ones in his arsenal… and it seems that he is sporting a very weird goatee now.
Luke vs Jamie in Street Fighter 6.

Those are the only confirmed characters – for now. You can learn more about them on the CAPCOM’s official Street Fighter 6 website, and we will continue to update our list once the new fighters are introduced.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for a release sometime during 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series X|S.

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