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Best Fights Sticks of 2022 To Help You Get Ready For Street Fighter 6 | Gift Guide

Check out these Fight Sticks for an excellent gift.

by Jesse Vitelli

Fighting game players often go back and forth on whether they prefer to use a fight stick or controller. It usually comes down to a game-by-game basis, but one thing is for sure, the consumer market for arcade sticks has never been better. With so many options and a range of different price points, your options are near limitless if you’re looking to learn how to play a fighting game on a stick. With Street Fighter 6 on the horizon, we wrote a gift guide for the best fight sticks you can get right now. It’s time to start practicing.

Best Fights Sticks of 2022 To Help You Get Ready For Street Fighter 6 | Gift Guide

Below you will find our recommendations for purchasing a fight stick for yourself or a loved one as a gift this holiday season. Check out all of our recommendations below.

Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

Price: $399.99


The Victrix Pro is an excellent option for those looking to spend a little extra cash for a premiere fight stick. We wouldn’t recommend this for someone just starting out, as the price point is a bit higher than most intro sticks. That being said, Victrix is in a league of its own. Its ergonomic button layout, foam lap pad, and easy modifications with quick access to the back panel make it a long-term, well-designed stick for your avid fighting game player.

After using the Victrix for hours on end, it made playing Guilty Gear Strive and Mortal Kombat 11 a breeze. Long gaming sessions without wrist strain were a nice bonus. The buttons feel responsive, and the stick glides across the circular axis with little resistance.

Qanba Obsidian

Price: $199.99


The Qanba Obsidian has been on the market for a while now, but it’s still a solid contender. With a lower price point than the Victrix Pro, it makes for a better introductory stick with the quality to endure. With Sanwa buttons, a responsive stick, and a lovely internal cord wrap, the Obsidian feels like an upscale stick without breaking the bank.

Hit Box

Price: $249.99


Hit Box are something unique; with no actual stick, this box focuses entirely on buttons. Its small, sleek design makes it great for traveling to tournaments. Using only buttons to input commands will take a lot of getting used to. If you’re looking to get the fighting game lover in your life something exciting and cutting edge, the Hit Box is the way to go. This is not a recommendation for new fighting game players. If you’re getting a gift for someone who is a more casual enthusiast, there are better options on this list.

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HORI Fight Stick Alpha

Price: $199.99


The HORI Alpha is a solid option if you’re looking for a good fight stick for the PlayStation 4/5. Its $200 price tag makes it a cheaper option than the others on this list while maintaining an excellent value for the price point. The top panel of the stick is replaceable, so if you find different faceplates you like, you can customize it. It’s great for the fighting game player in your life that likes to express themselves.

Qanba Drone

Price: $79.99


The Qanba Drone is the budget pick on this list. Not because it’s terrible by any means, but because its $80 price stage makes it the perfect gift for a new fighting game player. It’s the ideal introductory learning stick while maintaining high craftsmanship levels. It has an anti-slip bottom pad, LED indicators, and a tournament lock switch.

Those are all of our picks for the best fights sticks of 2022. If you’re looking to get a stick for the fighting game player in your life, look no further. We highly recommend all of the above sticks. It’s the right time to get into it before the arrival of Street Fighter 6 next year.

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