All Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3 – Listed

Witchy achivements, get it?
All Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3 - Listed

After a long wait, Bayonetta 3 is finally here. The witch was unfashionably late, but we forgive her because the new game is fire! Many gamers, after waiting this long, will simply swallow the 14-chapter-long game, which takes about 15 to 20 hours to complete. And even after you finish the main story, there is still a lot to be done. Here is a list of all Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3.

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All Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3

There are no Achievements on Switch but there are Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3 – basically, the special task lists for each mean Chapter in the game. Check them all out below.

Prologue – A Chaotic Encounter Bewitchments

  • Finish the deck battle without touching clouds of erasure.
  • Avoid Kraken’s ink.
  • Taunt an enemy.
  • Use Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on the Cumulonimbus.
  • Attack Kraken’s tentacle anchors with Gomorrah 5 times.

Chapter 1 – Scrambling For Answers Bewitchments

  • Destroy 3 obstacles whilst riding Gomorrah.
  • Pick up a hamburger.
  • Stand atop an iconic Shibuya landmark.
  • Defeat 5 Stratus inside the train car.
  • Defeat a Pannus without causing it to split.

Chapter 2 – City on Fire Bewitchments

  • Watch MC Enzo’s show on the giant monitor.
  • Scare stray cats with Infernal Demons 3 times.
  • Ride Phantasmaraneae without falling into any pits or clouds or erasure.
  • Take a specific path while riding Phantasmaraneae.
  • Stop Asperatus with Massive Web 3 times.

Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling Bewitchments

  • Collect the Halos hidden in the giant lantern.
  • Dodge all the oncoming train cars.
  • Break Iridescent Core once.
  • Hit Arch-Iridescent with Sin Gomorrah’s flame 3 times.
  • Defeat 3 Homunculi while chasing Iridescent.

Chapter 4 – Worlds Apart Bewitchments

  • Enter the Lotus Field in Ginnungagap.
  • Walk over the lava while using Phantasmaraneae Masquerade.
  • Proceed without using Congestus’ control time.
  • Break Virga once.
  • Hit Mediocris with an Infernal Demon attack 3 times.

Chapter 5 – Hot Pursuit Bewitchments

  • Put out the fire without running into obstacles.
  • Climb to the top of a structure with 3 or more floors.
  • Perform a full bare-handed combo on any enemy.
  • Pass the ladder-holding soldier before Luka.
  • Break Volutus once.

Chapter 6 – Off the Rails Bewitchments

  • Stay on the lava wheel for 5 seconds.
  • Run across the crumbling path without falling into lava.
  • Avoid getting hit by debris thrown by Pyrocumulus.
  • Deflect Arch-Pyrocumulous staff attack 3 times.
  • Use Phantasmaraneae to knock Pyrocumulous off of the wall.

Chapter 7 – Burning Sands Bewitchments

  • Touch a Chesire mirage 3 times while wandering the desert.
  • Dig up all of the buried treasure while riding Chesire.
  • Stare at the mural of Enzo for 3 seconds.
  • Cross quicksand river without falling in.
  • Defeat the 3 Uncinus that appear from quicksand.

Chapter 8 – A Croaking Chorus Bewitchments

  • Stand on top of the windmill tower.
  • Destroy 5 Baal statues inside the temple.
  • Enter the hidden room inside the temple.
  • Hit Castellanus core while at least 1 segment is intact.
  • Hit Murus with Baal’s poison rain.

Chapter 9 – Learning to Fly Bewitchments

  • Scare off 20 resting Malphas demons.
  • Escape from the clouds of erasure without touching them.
  • Complete the sand sliding portion without hitting any obstacles.
  • Avoid touching clouds of erasure during the battle on the scales.
  • Perform 5 torture attacks during the battle atop the Tower of Pacts.

Chapter 10 – Cover of Night Bewitchments

  • Step on 10 of the fallen stained glass shards on Thule.
  • Climb to the top of the stone tower in Thule.
  • Travel through Ginnungagap without falling.
  • Avoid getting hit by Strider inside his special field.
  • Defeat 3 small Golems.

Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance Bewitchments

  • Find the item hidden in the underground tunnel.
  • Attack Rosa’s Umbran Armor and get the secret item.
  • Avoid all obstacles in the dark while riding Mictlantecuhtli.
  • Find Rosa behind the right door and attack.
  • Defeat 50 Lacunosus while riding Mictlantecuhtli.

Chapter 12 – The Edge of Madness Bewitchments

  • Destroy 5 buses.
  • Defeat this world’s Bayonetta with the Umbran Clock Tower equipped.
  • Finish Baal Zebul’s performance without taking damage.
  • Defeat all enemies in the underground tunnel.
  • Knock down a helicopter while riding Gomorrah.

Chapter 13 – Kingdom of One Bewitchments

  • Collect 25 lotuses in Ginnungagap.
  • Activate Perfect Witch Time 5 times as Madama Butterly.
  • Avoid getting hit by Dark Adam’s enlargement attack.
  • Hit Aureole with a Madama Butterfly’s Flutter Kiss.
  • Defeat an enemy while moving through collapsing Ginnungagap.

Chapter 14 – A Single Truth Bewitchments

  • Finish the Singularity Chaos battle with no damage.
  • Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Crow Within as Bayo 1.
  • See the end of Bayonetta’s story.
  • Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Madama Butterfly as Bayo 1.
  • Defeat a Homunculus summoned by Singularity Balance.

Similar to Achievements or Trophies on Xbox or PlayStation, Bewitchments seems to unlock nothing but bragging rights and that warm and fuzzy feeling of completion.

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