How to Farm Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

Lack of angels...

How to Farm Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is here! The long-awaited continuation of Platinum Games action has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. This time our favorite Umbra witch has completely different opponents, Inferno and Paradiso are sealed off, and the chaos in the multiverse is created by Homunculi, some kind of man-made cloud-like creatures.

However, unlocking the new costumes and other bonuses in the game still requires Halo Rings – currency that drops only when you defeat the angelic agents of Paradiso. Since there are almost none of them in the game, collecting Halo Rings is very difficult. So, to find out how to farm Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3, keep on reading.

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How to Farm Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

You will not meet opponents of angelic type in the regular levels, but sometimes it is possible to find a hidden Verse that is usually marked with a golden glowing light, where it is possible to enter and beat a couple of angels for precious Halo Rings.

If you want to farm Halo Rings very early in the game, the best place for that is Verse 1 in Chapter 3. To reach it, jump on one of the lower buildings to the right immediately at the beginning of the level. You will see the Golem Cube that will create platforms leading to the entrance once you give it a good beating.

Right there to the right, at the start of the level

Platforms will lead into an abandoned subway tunnel but you can also fly over this gap using the Madame Butterfly flying skill. Deeper inside the tunnel there is the golden-glowing entrance to Verse 1 where the opponents are exclusively angels that drop Halo Rings. Once you get Verse results, you can press Start and go back to Chapter Select and restart it.

Chapter 3, Verse 1 entrance – the hidden Halo Ring grind place

Another way is through Jeanne’s mini-game, but in order to unlock this you need to complete Side Chapter 4, which comes only after the regular Chapter 12, very late in the game. Once you have it beat, an additional “Mini Game” option will become available in Rodin’s shop. There you can play three arcade stages for some good Halo Rings bonuses – but only if you complete them successfully. Also, the higher difficulty level = more bonuses.

Pixelated and CRT filtered to the max

Once you’ve got enough Halo Rings, go unlock some of the additional Mirrors, AKA new outfits for Bayonetta! Have fun.

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