How to Unlock Kraken in Bayonetta 3 – Answered

The elusive final Demon

How to unlock Kraken in Bayonetta 3 - Answered

Bayonetta starts her journey with only two demons contracted: Gommorah and Madama Butterfly. During the main story, she gets to add more controllable demons to her arsenal (if you play all of the story Chapters by the end of the game, you should have most of the demons) but some of them are hidden and require a little additional work to unlock. If you are wondering how to get the final secret demon, the elusive Kraken, check out our guide below.

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How to Unlock Kraken in Bayonetta 3

Remember the sea monster from the beginning of the game that almost drowned Jeanne? Well, you get to control him as well, but only after you finish the game. To get Kraken in Bayonetta 3:

  • You need to get to Chapter 14, the last one in the game.
  • Collect three Umbran Tears of Blood in Chapter 14. Since the last Chapter of the game is basically boss fight after boss fight, it’s hard to miss them.
  • After the credits have rolled out and all the crazy stuff is finished, save the game and load it again. Go to Chapter Select.
  • Under Chapter 14 on the map, there will be another Chapter 14 but marked with red color. It’s called Chapter 14 – The Phenomenal Remnant 14.
  • In Phenomenal Remnant 14, you fight the Kraken right away. Once you defeat him he will be added to your Demons page, and be ready to be equipped.
Screenshot via Bayonetta 3

To beat the Kraken, just use the usual tactics, nuke him with all of your attacks, use Witch Time, and of course other Demons – flying ones seem to work well on him. Also, as in other levels in post-game, at the start of Phenomenal Remnant 14 you will get to select a character, but whoever you decide to play with, if you win, the demon will be added to Bayonetta’s Demons collection.

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