New World Brimstone Sands Ancient Glyphs Locations

All 26 Ancient Glyph Locations in New World

Be prepared for a lot of questing

If you plan to explore the newly added Brimstone Sands region in New World, you’ll likely encounter Ancient Glyphs eventually. These are essential for opening Glyph chests in the new area for various rewards, making exploration a little more complicated than just finding a supply crate and opening it. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide of all 26 Ancient Glyph locations within Brimstone Sands in New World.

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All 26 Ancient Glyph Locations in New World

There are 26 Ancient Glyphs in total so far that you can find and interact with in New World. While some of these simply require some time and dedication, others have quests as unlock prerequisites. You’ll also have to make sure you can access Brimstones Sands first without instantly dying. In other words, you’ll have to meet the requirements for physically entering the region before you can even consider finding these Ancient Glyphs.

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If you’re already in the region and are eager to start searching for Ancient Glyphs, then don’t worry, you don’t have to wait any longer. Without further ado, let’s head straight into the list of all 26 Ancient Glyph locations:

  1. DINGTA, Wisdom – Above: Found at the Palace of Nekhbet. Climb through the palace and look along the building edges until you find several bird nests along the walls. Carefully jump down these ledges until you find one with an extra piece of stone jutting out the center. Jump here to find and unseal the first Glyph.
  2. JIIBA, Wisdom – Shadow: Found at the Beds of Ta-Bitjet. Venture east through the area, ascending the staircases along the way. Rather than heading to the top, go south and jump down the rocks. You’ll find a small cave entrance facing north, which you can enter to access the Glyph.
  3. KEYYA YIB’, Wisdom – Crossroads: Found in Atum’s Way. Head into the center of the area and fight through the monsters until you reach the pillar. The Glyph is inside pillar’s side.
  4. TEYII, Wisdom – Journey: Found at the Great Shrine of Thoth. When you first reach the area, head up the initial left or right staircase and go towards the center of this beginning area. You’ll find a small shrine in the wall alcove with the Glyph facing toward you. If you’re at the shrine already, go down the staircases toward this area.
  5. WETZUU, Wisdom – Gift: Found in Oasis Spontanea from Aqua Anuket. When you reach Aqua Anuket, venture through the area until you get to the massive wall. Travel along this bridge until you reach the very end and drop down to the ledge directly below. The Glyph is hidden under the stones here. Make sure not to drop all the way to the ground!
  6. CRUUJ, Wisdom – Sun: Found at Heliopolis. Head to the very top of the area, defeating the many monsters along the way until you find a shrine. The Glyph is in the center of this shrine. Bring a group here so that you can clear out the mobs here!
  7. AMBA, Wisdom – Mountain: Found at Diospolis. Upon entering the area, you’ll see a sealed door that you’ll unlock as you progress through the main story. Follow the path inside to find the Glyph.
  8. PIMBII, Wisdom – Dawn: Found at Kephri Arena near Heliopolis. With a group, defeat the boss that spawns here. The Glyph will appear afterward in the center of the arena for you to unseal.
  9. D’UN-YICH, Wisdom – Ordeal: Found at the Pools of Orcus. If you’re traveling here from the Brimstone Sands Settlement, go along the southern road and head southwest. You’ll find a fork in the road, with the western route leading to the oasis. Take this route and, after reaching the second fork, head directly south towards the small pool of water. The Glyph pillar is placed along a large boulder here.
  10. HIMDE, Wisdom – Ocean: Found at the Temple of Isis. Head south until you find the Glyph pillar on a large platform, surrounded by high-level enemies.
  11. AABER, Wisdom – Day: Found at the Lamp of Osiris. Once you enter the main area with the Radiant Automation, loop around it and descend the northeastern staircase. Go down this path, squeezing through the hole in the wall along the way. Continue moving this way until you find the Glyph pillar in a wall alcove guarded by two enemies.
  12. ITKA, Wisdom – Below: Found at the Place of Pillars. Parkour along the pillars, heading west, until you find the Glyph along the stone walls. The pillars you must jump across have “X” platforms to land on, differentiating them from the rest. They also have white, paint-like markings on them. Be careful when unsealing the Glyph since doing so will unleash a very powerful and aggressive goat king that will try to thwart your plans.
  13. DZUU, Wisdom – First: Found in Heru Plaza. Upon arriving at the landmark, head northwest until you find a small pond of freshwater surrounding the Glyph pillar. You’ll know you’re close when you face west and see a golden bird along the wall.
  14. J’IJ, Wisdom – Sealed: Found at the Necropolis of Sutekh. Teleport here and make your way to Sutekh’s Tomb. Behind the tomb is a stone balcony that houses the Glyph pillar.
  15. TSADZUI, Wisdom – Wall: Found at the Great Wall of Nebet-Het. Climb up the staircases to the very top of the structure. The Glyph pillar is in the center of this area, surrounded by a pool of water.
  16. HID, Wisdom – Home: Found at Hermopolis. Take the nearby teleporter after progressing through part of the main storyline to appear near the Glyph.
  17. B’EYEG, Wisdom – Chaos: Found at the end of the Ennead Expedition. You’ll find the Glyph after defeating the final boss of the expedition.
  18. RIIGA, Wisdom – Persona: Found at Arit-en-Geb. Head right to the center of the area and defeat the nearby guard before unsealing the Glyph located along the southern wall.
  19. EYBUE, Wisdom – Virtue: Found at Satet. Similar to the one above, go to the center of the area and look east. You’ll find a small, broken wall with the Glyph against it.
  20. CRUUJ’II, Wisdom – Strength: Found at the Forge of Ptah. Ascend the staircases, defeating the enemies along the way, until you reach the top section. The Glyph is along the back wall, guarded by multiple high-level monsters.
  21. D’UN-GA, Wisdom – Destruction: Found at Castrum Principium. You’ll find the Glyph along the stone walls in the southernmost part of this area. Like many spots on this list, you’ll encounter numerous enemies along the way, so be sure to bring a group!
  22. TAB’, Wisdom – Night: Found at the Ordeal of the Scorpion. After opening the initial Ancient Glyph doors, you’ll have to defeat the Scorpio Supernal boss with a group. Once you do, you’ll find the Glyph in this cave.
  23. B’ENGYING, Wisdom – Shield: Found at Serpent’s Pass. Rather than heading towards the main structure, continue running south until you find a small stone platform with a few guards and supply crates. The Glyph pillar is along the wall here.
  24. TSANGMIIJ, Wisdom – Food: Found near Castrum Victualis. Instead of entering the area, though, you can circle around it and head north past it. You’ll find a small, abandoned structure with the Glyph inside the stone pillar.
  25. JICH, Wisdom – Water: Found at Heka’s Cauldron. Go towards the center of the area to find a small pool of acid, with the Glyph pillar near the large central boulder.
  26. DUBUU, Wisdom – River: Found at Sopdu Hot Springs. Head to the northernmost pool connected to the river and run past the monsters. You’ll find the Ancient Glyph near a small, broken stone wall.

Be sure to check out the picture, created and posted by Reddit User Bsclassy, for a visual representation of where to find each Ancient Glyph in New World:

New World Ancient Glyph Locations
Image via Reddit user Bsclassy

For more information about the exact locations of each Ancient Glyph, you can also check out the New World Resource Locator Map.

New World is available to play on PC through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Change Servers, How to Declare War, and How to Play Music.

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