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How to Access Brimstone Sands in New World

How to get there ASAP.

by Nikola L

New content is out in New World and we know that you can’t wait to explore and conquer it. Brimstone Sands is a completely new zone in New World, claimed to be more than twice the size of Everfall. Naturally, it will have new enemies that you can beat up too. As mentioned in the press release, you will have many hostile interactions with the Roman Empire’s XIX (19th) Legion which has fallen to Corruption and become deranged. But how do you get to Brimstone Sands in the first place? Prima Games is here to help you access Brimstone Sands in New World with this short guide.

How to Get to Brimstone Sands in New World

There is a small pre-requisite that you must complete before being able to get to the new zone, Brimstone Sands.
First, you must successfully finish these three tasks:

  • Strider of the Sands quest.
  • A Selfless Nature quest.
  • You must be Level 60 or higher.

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A Soul Warden NPC called Kovalenko will offer you a quest that will naturally lead you into the new zone, and of course, we will cover all three factions in this guide:

  • Covenant members need to wander to the Cleave’s Point Outpost in the Great Cleave.
  • Marauders will have to travel to Ebonreach Settlement in Ebonscale Reach.
  • Syndicate members must go to Mountainhome which is in Shattered Mountain.

Even though the quests will be different depending on which faction you’re in, it boils down to the same thing. You will need to get these materials:

  • 2x Fish Oil
  • 3x Frostcliff Berry
  • 1x Recipe: Desert Cerate

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In order to get the Fish Oil, you will need to fish a bit. Check our How to Get Fish Oil in New World guide for more info.
Other than that, everything comes naturally as you follow the quest you are given. In order to craft the potion that will allow you to enter the Brimstone Sands, you will need an Alchemy Station or a Campsite.