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New World Character Transfer Guide: How to Change Servers

Let's move to an even newer world.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
New World Character Transfer Guide How to Change Servers

It took some time, but last year Amazon finally added the ability to switch servers in its MMO, New World. For now, every player has the right to switch servers once for free, this was added with patch 1.0.3 as compensation of sorts for the game’s launch issues. Read our guide below to find out how to change servers in New World.

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How to Change Servers in New World?

When transferring a character to another server in New World, there are a couple of restrictions to be aware of: you cannot transfer your character to a server (world) that is full, under maintenance, or if you already have a character on the same server as the limit is only one character per server for now. If none of that is the case for you, follow these steps to change your server in New World:

  1. Log in to the character that you want to relocate.
  2. Be in a Sanctuary zone such as a Settlement or Outpost.
  3. Remove all Trading Post buy or sell orders.
  4. Then, in the in-game store, click on the World Transfer tab.
  5. Select World Transfer token (free) and click Purchase.
  6. Click on the server (world) in the list to which you want to switch.
  7. Click on Confirm Transfer to confirm the move (which cannot be undone afterward).

After this, the game will throw you back to the main menu. Log in again with your existing character, which will now be on a completely new server, in a brand New World! We hope that you will have more fun and memorable adventures on the new server than on your previous one.

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