Does New World have Controller Support? – Answered

Can you play with a controller?

New World, the Amazon-developed MMORPG, lets you team up with other players to explore a new and dangerous world. The MMO has a big emphasis on crafting and gathering. You’ll need to level up all these skills individually as you progress through the game. Some players enjoy these experiences on the controller rather than on a mouse and keyboard. So, does New World have controller support? We have the answer for you below.

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Does New World have Controller Support? – Answered

New World does not have official controller support; however, all of the keys are re-bindable. So if you plug in a controller, you can go into the options menu, hit controls, and remap all of the keys to the buttons on your controller. It will work once you’ve done that if you have a controller plugged into your PC.

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However, the game is not optimized for the controller so you might run into some bugs and glitches along the way. Since the game is tuned for a mouse and keyboard, it might feel a bit awkward on a controller. If that’s your preference, though by all means, play how you want to play.

Hopefully, New World will introduce more options for controller players down the line. For now, we will have to make do with just re-mapping all of the keys. Other MMO games like Final Fantasy XIV have native controller support and it works well.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if New World has controller support. We have many guides on the game for you to use while playing. Be sure to check out our collectibles guide on how to get Saltpeter, how to level up your crafting fast, and how to obtain feathers for arrows.

New World is currently available on PC.

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