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How to Get Feathers In New World

by Jesse Vitelli

You’ll need a ton of different crafting materials while playing Amazon Games’ newest MMO New World. Some materials are easier to get than others, and one you’ll need early on are feathers. Here is how to get feathers in New World.

How to Get Feathers In New World

Feathers are a resource for crafting that you will get from wild turkeys roaming around. All of the different starting areas will have Turkeys roaming around and they are easy to kill with any weapon. They can run away and create some distance so it’s easiest if you have a musket or bow to shoot them.

What are feathers used for though? Well, you’ll need feathers to craft arrows for your bow. The other two components, flint, and wood are gathered as part of the tutorial so you have the tools needed to get those early on. However, feathers are not explained so you’ll need to keep an eye out for those Turkeys. 

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