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Alan Wake 2 Time Breaker: Oceanview Hotel Clocks Puzzle Solution

Not this place again.

The final episode of Night Springs, the first major expansion of Alan Wake 2, puts in the shoes of The Actor, who is played by Shawn Ashmore. During his travel through the multiverse, The Actor will end up in the Oceanview Hotel’s lobby, and players need to solve a puzzle that involves clocks. Here is how you can solve the puzzle in Alan Wake 2 Time Breaker.

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Alan Wake 2: Oceanview Hotel Clocks Puzzle Solution

In the lobby, you can see three clocks set at different hours. The sequence is 12, 3, and 9.

At the end of the lobby, there are three doors, each with a clock at the top. The sequence above is how you’re supposed to go through the doors. So, start with the door on the right, which has a clock set to 12, and follow through.

During this, you’ll have to face off against Time Breakers, the enemies in this episode. These aren’t difficult to fight and don’t hesitate to liberally use your weapon, you’ll get plenty of ammo throughout.

Next, when you enter the lobby again, enter the door which has the clock set to 3. Repeat the process, and finally, you’ll reach the lobby where the front door has the clock set to 9. Here, you can find the Energy Node required and you can finally head back to the Entertainment Lobby, which is available at the 12 o’clock door, and interact with the TV to escape the hotel.

Combat is fairly easy during this entire section, and you’ll have multiple opportunities to stock up as well. Don’t worry about conserving bullets, and fire away like you’re playing a shooter.

The first two episodes are fairly simple as well, apart from the math problem in North Star, and the boss fight in Number One Fan. This update also brings the highly requested photo mode feature, which you can access in the base game as well.

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