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How to Use Photo Mode in Alan Wake 2

"I can finally take pictures of my favorite writer" -Rose Marigold

Alan Wake 2’s first major expansion pack, Night Springs, is now available on PC and consoles. This surprise release also comes with brand-new features for the main game including the highly requested photo mode. Whether you’re checking out the spooky episodes of Night Springs or taking a trip back to Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, here is how you can use the photo mode.

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Photo Mode in Alan Wake 2 Explained

You can access the photo mode in Alan Wake 2 on PC by clicking the Y key, or through the pause menu if you’re using a controller.

Once the photo mode is active, you can adjust a variety of camera settings, apply filters, add light sources, increase the intensity of fog, customize a plethora of effects, and even add frames that are themed around the detective board in Saga’s mind palace.

After you’re done with the adjustments, you can take a picture by pressing F on the keyboard, or X/Square on the controller. Sadly, there isn’t an option to bind the photo mode toggle on the controller.

Adjusting the lighting is one of the best features here, and you have a lot of freedom with how you use that for your desired shot. You can play around with a camera flash, a flashlight, and a spotlight. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting that perfect shot, you can use one of the presets available in the first menu. My favorite is the evidence shot which essentially recreates photos for the evidence board in Saga’s Mind Palace.

Photo Mode is available for all Alan Wake 2 owners. You don’t need to upgrade to the deluxe edition to access this. Just make sure to update the game to version 1.1.0 to get access to not only photo mode, but additional manual save slots as well. The update also includes some important bug fixes, which you can read more about in the full patch notes.

If this is your first time playing the excellent horror title, make sure to check out our dedicated section for all the tips, tricks, and lock combinations you’ll need to survive Bright Falls and New York.

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