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Alan Wake 2 Number One Fan: Bad Boy Boss Fight Guide


Night Springs, the first major expansion for Alan Wake 2 is now available putting us in the shoes of different characters from the Alan Wake and the Remedy shared universe. The first episode, Number One Fan, follows Rose Marigold, Alan Wake’s biggest fan. It’s a short, action-packed ride with a boss against the Bad Boy, Alan Wake’s twin brother. This guide will give you the best tips on how to take him down.

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Alan Wake 2: Bad Boy Boss Fight Guide

For this fight, you’ll want to liberally use your shotgun, especially its fully automatic fire mode which can be activated by holding the left mouse button. When you enter the arena, you can also turn to the right and grab some supplies from the box placed on top of a blue car’s trunk.

The Bad Boy has two main attacks. He’ll throw a few heart projectiles towards you which can’t be dodged and don’t explode on their own. You need to shoot them, which is where your shotgun comes in. Make sure you have some distance between you and the projectiles because you’re bound to get hit if you’re close.

The second attack is a heart shockwave, which can thankfully be dodged quite easily. He usually does this from a distance, so you’ll have plenty of time to move out of the way.

During the fight, you can also grab supplies from different boxes and containers in the boss arena. I counted 3 apart from the one at the start.

Continue using the automatic fire mode to shoot the Bad Guy whatever chance you get, and if he doesn’t let you get close, you can use the rifle to get a few shots in. While effective, I think the reload speed makes it a less useful weapon overall, especially against projectiles.

After you’ve done enough damage, the Bad Guy will turn into a werewolf, and dash around the arena. This is where things get easier in my opinion because you can get multiple shots in without having to worry about the shockwave or projecticles.

Bad Guy’s bike will also turn into a werewolf, so you now have two wolves to look out for. It’s not that difficult, especially if you keep using the shotgun.

It’s really hard to run out of ammo during this fight, and even if you do, there are plenty of supplies scattered around the map, including painkillers. After you’ve defeated the Bad Guy, you can interact with him once again.

Compared to some of the fights in the base game, the Bad Guy, who is clearly a less crazier version of Scratch is pretty easy, all things considered.

The new update also adds the highly requested photo mode and a bunch of bug fixes. If you’re diving into Alan Wake 2 again, make sure to check out our dedication section for all sorts of guides.

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