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Alan Wake 2 North Star: Optimal Roasting Temperature for Coffee Beans Solved

Trust me, I'm good with numbers.

Jesse Faden returns to the Remedy Universe in Alan Wake 2’s first major expansion, Night Springs. To find her brother, Jesse ends up in Coffee World, the amusement park in Bright Falls. Here, she’ll have to open up a bunch of containers and solve a few mathematical problems, for some reason. If you can’t figure out the optimal roasting temperature for coffee beans during her quest, here is the solution.

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Alan Wake 2: Optimal Roasting Temperature for Coffee Beans

The optimal roasting temperature for coffee beans in Alan Wake 2 North Star is 487.

To explain why this works, we need to examine the three hints provided.

  • The temperature is higher than the sum of the triangles. This means that the sum of the internal angles. So 60 + 60 + 60, which is 180.
  • The first digit of the temperature is half of the second, and the third digit is one less than the one before.
  • The temperature is below 500, and a prime number.

So, the range is between 180 to 500, and the second hint is the most important. The reason the answer is 487 is because 4 is half of 8, and 7 is one less than before, which is 8. So, the answer is 487.

After you’ve entered the correct temperature, you can head back to the Warehouse, and interact with the intercom for the second time. After this, you’ll have to do one more thing before you can enter the next warehouse.

Thankfully, there aren’t any more math problems in North Star, and it’s not a long experience anyway. It’s great to play as Jesse again, and we hope to play more of her soon.

Night Springs is an excellent expansion, and we’re having a great time playing through its three episodes. The first episode is a hilarious romp through Bright Falls that ends with an incredible boss fight.

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