Throw the Goth Vampire Ball Of Your Dreams In World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Who *wouldn't* want to host a goth vampire ball in Azeroth? Come on, now.

The beta for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands goes live next week and will feature the full experience of the upcoming expansion. While we know about the dungeons and new zones, did you also know that you can host the goth vampire ball of your dreams in Azeroth? Well now you do, you’re welcome. 

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During a recent Blizzard livestream, World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas recent revealed that there are actual vamp parties in World of Warcraft. With the Shadowlands expansion, players can venture off into the afterlife (not unexpected) where they can meet a total of four covenants that fight against the oppressive evil that aims to hungrily devour and demolish soul energy. 

Sounds rough, buddy.

Each covenant will have its own areas for players to explore and each will offer something unique for different playstyles while in World of Warcraft. One of these covenants is the vampire-lovin’ Venthryl filled with stunning cathedrals and areas that would make any Anne Rice fan froth at the mouth. 

As players level up, they will be able to ally themselves with the covenant of their chose which will not only offer sweet, sweet rewards but also the ability to throw fancy smancy parties! “If you are a Venthyr in Revendreth, you also have a fourth section of your Sanctum known as the Ember Court, and what the Ember Court is, it’s basically a hosting venue for pretty rad parties. Part of what that means is showing off your influence by hosting grand galas for the most important individuals not just in Revendreth but from across the Shadowlands as a whole.”

What’s better than a fancy party? Minigames! “You can go out, seek out guests, invite them to the party, not literally arrange catering but figure out the different services that will make those guests happy, play through the party in real time, maybe fending off party crashers that are trying to disrupt the festivities,” Hazzikostas added.

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Dress and kill to impress and players will be rewarded for their efforts with awesome gear and covenant-specific drops. Sounds pretty sweet, which makes us even more excited for the beta ahead. 

For those looking to take part in the upcoming beta, be sure to go to your account and make sure the “receive beta invites” option is turned on. Blizzard also promised more about Shadowlands in the coming week ahead of its launch later this Fall. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date quite yet for World of Warcraft Shadowlands but we do know it is slated for later this year in the Fall! Be sure to also check out our Game Hub for more news about all things World of Warcraft.

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