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New World of Warcraft Race Leaks for Shadowlands

by Liana Ruppert

Part of the magic that is behind World of Warcraft’s longevity is its constant updates and exciting expansions. New races pop up now and again, new locations, and enthralling new narratives are more than enough to keep players drawn in and with the Shadowlands expansion on the horizon, we’ve got our first look at what’s next as a new World of Warcraft race leaks. 

Given the nature of Shadowlands and it being a totally new area, new races are to be expected, but thanks to this World of Warcraft leak we’ve got an inkling about a few of them. Renowned World of Warcraft leak site Wowhead recently shared a new image from the Shadowlands alpha that shows off the Kyrian and Swolekin models: 

The same team also showed off Fauns and a few intriguing skins as well:

Additionally, Wowhead also showed off a plethora of new skins and armor options that Shadowlands will have to offer players in addition to a deeper dive into the Bastion zone, which is the home of the Kyrians seen above. 

Personally, I’m excited to see what Shadowlands has to offer. Though I loved the new additions and the power dynamics of Battle for Azeroth, I think my heart was still sold to the Legion expansion and its unique twist of what we knew about some of the most iconic characters in lore. That being said, the betrayal aspects of Battle for Azeroth were incredibly detailed and truly blurred the lines between what it means to be loyal to the Horde and to the Alliance. 

With the continued rise of COVID-19, Blizzard has mentioned that they aren’t quite sure yet if BlizzCon 2020 is still going on, which would make that one event cancelled in a long list of cancellations due to this virus. The only upside to that is that this could potentially mean a new Shadowlands reveal even sooner than the usual November showcase date, though that’s all just speculation at this time. 

Unfortuntely, we don’t have a release date quite yet for World of Warcraft Shadowlands but you can learn more about the new areas and creatures can be seen right here! Be sure to also check out our Game Hub for more news about all things World of Warcraft including some pretty epic cosplay! 

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