An Official God of War Children’s Book Is On the Way

Now you can scream BOY to your boy because there's a new God of War children's book on the way.

Now you can scream BOY to your boy because there’s a new God of War children’s book on the way. The PlayStation 4 God of War was an incredible journey that smashed through PS4 records and was met with nothing short of rave reviews. While many are clamoring for a sequel, the team over at Santa Monica apparently had a different idea in mind before the next adventure starts: a children’s book! 

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The children’s book is called B is for Boy, which is a hilarious takeaway from a very popular joke regarding the game for how Kratos addresses his son in that gruff tone of his: “BOY.” 

You can scoop up a copy of B is for Boy right here through this link before taking part in this hilarious spin from the PlayStation 4 hit. “In this humorous take on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s God of War franchise, Kratos teaches his son Atreus the ABC’s of the nine realms, including lessons learned from Kratos’s past mistakes,” reads the book’s official description. “Kratos fills the book’s pages with the essential vocabulary from the world of the game, imparting his questionable (at times) wisdom in an irreverent and entertaining style. Accompanied by original illustrations, God of War: B is for Boy: An Illustrated Storybook is a delightful satirical tour through the world of the critically acclaimed game.”

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If the author, Andrea Robinson, sounds familiar, you may recognize her other works such as The Vampire Diaries: Unlocking the Secrets of Mystic Falls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire. The God of War take is available to pre-order now through the link above with an arrival set for September 1st. 

Will you be partaking in the humorous next step for the God of War franchise? Sound off with your thoughts about B is for Boy over on Twitter @PrimaGames. Do it, boy. 

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