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New Monster Hunter Movie Set Photo Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

We’ve known about the upcoming Monster Hunter live-action movie for a few years now, but news has been mum on where the current project stands. While we still don’t have a release date for the Monster Hunter movie staring Milla Jovovich, we do at least have a new set image to feast our eyes on regarding a new character specifically created for this film. 

The latest inside look comes by way of Empire Online and features Jovovich with weapons that fans will appreciate: 

As for Jovovich’s character, fans won’t recognize her from the games and that’s because she’s entirely new specific to this film.  “I wrote the role of Artemis for Milla as the avatar for the player, so she could be a grounded, relatable real-world character who is fresh to the world of Monster Hunter,” the director revealed in the Empire Big-Screen Preview issue. Jovovich added, “Yeah, she’s not based on a character from the game. Paul wrote her as the captain of a team of Army Rangers that go in to rescue their colleagues.”

The Dual Blades are a nice touch, a staple in the franchise. According to Capcom, the film in question will follow “two heroes who come from different worlds to defeat a shared danger, the powerful, deadly and magnificent monsters that inhabit the land,” Capcom noted. “Along the way, viewers will make new discoveries and encounter familiar faces and beloved characters from the game, like the Admiral.”

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Ryozo Tsujimoto, who serves as the series producer for Monster Hunter, previously added to that announcement: “After living and breathing in the universe of Monster Hunter for 14 years we are thrilled with enormous anticipation to see our creations adapted for a theatrical release. Monster Hunter’s fan base has exploded over the past year with the runaway success of the game Monster Hunter: World. It is our hope long-time fans and new alike will join us on this exciting exploration of the Monster Hunter universe.”

We still don’t have a release date at this time for the Monster Hunter movie, but we are curious as to what you think about the most recent stills! Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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