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Nintendo Switch Gets Donkey Kong Country And Even More Classic Titles

by Liana Ruppert

It’s on like Donkey Kong and now that legacy can continue on the go because it’s officially here thanks to Nintendo Switch Online. The Nintendo Switch Online membership not only lets players get online with friends, but it also opens up an entire library filled with SNES and NES titles. While many wish that Nintendo would speed up the additions a little bit, the most recent round of updates has Donkey Kong fans ecstatic. 

Donkey Kong Country hailed from the team over at Rare and made its debut on the Super Nintendo. Instantly, this iteration was a huge success and it helped set the stage for the standard regarding side-scrollers and a unique 3D-modeled art style. When games like A Link to the Past and Super Mario World made their way over onto the Nintendo Switch Online library, many were stoked but couldn’t help but to notice the staple that was Donkey Kong was missing. Thankfully, another wonderful blast from the past has joined the fray. 

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So when does the newest addition make its debut? July 15th is the set date alongside SNES’s Natsume Championship Wrestling and NES’s The immortal. 

While the Nintendo Switch Online surely adds a few perks that are desirable, this particular service still has a lot of room to grow. Meant to be comparable to services like Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus, the Nintendo take doesn’t quite measure up in the way that many want. Still, Nintendo’s audience is a unique one and the downloads from the Online library have numbers to prove that its success is still impressive. 

What other blasts from the past games would you like to see added now that Donkey Kong Country is available soon on the Nintendo Switch Online library? Sound off with your hopes and dreams over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you think!

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