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Join the Alien Gang Wars In GTA Online With Free Alien Suits Thanks to Rockstar Games

by Liana Ruppert

Earlier this month, we covered how aliens (sort of) were taking over GTA Online with a hilarious Green vs. Purple gang war that left us filthy terrestrials without cars and without dignity. For those wanting to join in on the hilarious online battlefield shenanigans, Rockstar Games is offering free alien bodysuits for those that are itching to get in on the action. 

Rockstar Games took to Twitter to unveil the latest freebie to hit the popular online game and honestly if you’re not Team Purple you can just go on and get up out of our faces now (kidding, or are we…): 

Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits are free in GTA Online all week long.

Grab yours and join the fight – available from any clothing store by going to Outfits: Arena War > Bodysuits.

Plus pick up a Pool Cue from Ammu-Nation for free until May 13.

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) May 8, 2020

It’s so funny to see how quickly this fan-created event became official. “Grab yours and join the fight” didn’t take long to adapt and you know what? That’s part of the reason why GTA Online continues to go strong despite how many years have passed since it launched. 

So far, this alien-driven war is showing no signs of slowing down and it’s a battle for the ages. Who knows, maybe the ante will be upped with the inclusion of more players getting in on the B-grade clash for the ages and this will all climax into an event weird enough that you just kind of have to sit back and appreciate the beauty. 

That, or Team Purple will win, as they should, and all will be right with the world once more. Who knows, we aren’t Nostradamus. 

To get in on the alien action in GTA Online, redeem your free alien bodysuit from the Arena War Outfits tab where the other bodysuits can be found. It’ll be fun, promise. Don’t let those dreams be dreams, kids, be the alien you were always meant to be.

What do you think about the alien invasion in Grand Theft Auto V? Are you Team Purple or Team Green? Sound off with your thoughts and experiences over on Twitter @PrimaGames! We’d love to hear all about those interesting adventures. 

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