When Rockstar first announced Grand Theft Auto V, they promised continued support and narrative additions. Then Grand Theft Auto Online came into the picture and was a roaring success, causing the studio to pivot and focus primarily on keeping that aspect of the game fresh and constantly evolving. While this means continued support for the Online component, it does leave single-player fans in the dirt a bit regarding content, which is why the recent revelation that the Casino Online drop was meant to be single-player DLC all the more bittersweet. 

Rockstar recently launched the addition of casinos in GTA Online but what many may not know is that this was originally planned for the base game, not the multiplayer version. The bit reveal comes by the way of two very distinguished dataminers in the Rockstar community: Yan2295 and Tez2. Apparently, the pair found hidden files in the latest update that indicate that the Diamond Casino and Resort was first planned back in 2017 for the main title.

The pair also talked about how this same code has been tucked away since the Beach Bum update in a recent interview, an update that occurred back in 2013. While unfortunate that the single-player campaign didn't get anymore love, at least the game itself was massive and offered plenty of other content to enjoy. 

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