Aliens are invading Grand Theft Auto V and years of playing Mass Effect have prepared us for this moment. OK, so they ain't no Garrus Vakarian but they are pretty hilarious. And by aliens, we mean dudes in green suits. But that's OK, it's 2020, we'll take anything we can get at this point. 

Now for those that have been playing Grand Theft Auto V for a while now know that this game is no stranger to the extraterrestrial. From UFOs other alien-like clues, Los Santos has never been ... uh, greener. But now, they're here and they are ready to party? Or at least cause chaos. Anyway, they are awesome and this Reddit clip below is pretty gosh darn perfect: 

They strike again from r/gtaonline

You thought alien abductions would feature a beam and maybe some floating cows? Pfffft, that's so 2019, here we're getting abducted by crappy stolen vans. This is the future. 

Players have been reporting random alien encounters all week, usually including getting beat up or their cars being stolen, which ... alright. Now for clarifications, this isn't some alien-inspired expansion or anything like that, this is GTA Online players donning green suits to cause havoc and that's exactly what these green dudes are doing and it's pretty awesome. 

You came to the wrong planet foo from r/gtaonline

So if you fee like harnessing your inner green man, you can do so now in Grand Theft Auto Online. Just know that people are now on the lookout, so you'll probably just end up getting pummeled, but hey - that's none of our business. 

What do you think about the alien invasion in Grand Theft Auto V? Encountered any green beings during your time in Los Santos? Sound off with your thoughts and experiences over on Twitter @PrimaGames! We'd love to hear all about those interesting adventures.