HoYoverse Addresses Genshin Impact Game-Breaking Bug, Promises to Restore Lost Items

We should be safe for now

Kaveh Bug Addressed Genshin

Genshin Impact players were surprised over the weekend by a pretty terrifying bug where certain characters could permanently remove interactable items from a player’s world. From Treasures, Statues, and even Domain Trees, all these could be forever gone from your game. But Hoyoverse has finally released a public statement about the issue, ensuring that (almost) everything should be working correctly now.

In their lengthy announcement, HoYoverse acknowledged the bug’s existence and attributed it to a tampering plug-in, meaning it couldn’t be naturally triggered from the base game alone. According to their announcement, the exploit was fixed on August 25, and they started fixing the accounts of those affected the following day.

Despite that, they also acknowledge some lingering issues on a few players’ accounts. “Currently, some items in a small number of accounts may not be restored yet. This will not affect Travelers’ normal game experience. This issue will be fully fixed in a future update, and we will notify affected Travelers via in-game mail,” was their statement.

The first instances of the bug were reported by a few X (formerly known as Twitter) users, where they shared videos featuring the 4-star character Kaveh deleting important items from a player’s world with his Elemental Skill, effectively locking them out of loot and other vital activities in the game. 5-star Nahida was also capable of doing the same.

The exploit could be done even during co-op, so hackers with malicious intents would enter a random victim’s world and delete their teleports, Statues, and Treasure Chests. And since this was tremendously game-breaking, the general advice was to avoid co-op altogether until the problems were addressed.

Hoyoverse stated that offenders were swiftly punished by having their accounts banned and also affirmed they’ll be taking legal action against them. They also reaffirmed their stance against third-party tools, which are all prohibited according to their Terms of Service.

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The announcement mentioned no compensation for the issues as it’s the standard for any relevant bugfix, and nothing was sent through in-game email either. Comments suggested that these will be sent once the remaining problems are addressed in a future update (possibly 4.1 during the next month).

It was the first time the game had faced such a tremendous bug, but it’s relieving to see Hoyoverse acting quickly in response to it. So far, no new reports of the exploit have been noticed, so it’s safe to say that Co-op is safe once again.

If you have been affected by the item removal exploit in any way, you can contact Genshin Impact Customer Service and explain your situation through their email address [email protected].

They should be able to restore any lost crucial items, such as teleports, and other smaller items should be restored in the following update.

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