Genshin Impact Kaveh Exploration Bug

Beware: Kaveh Can Ruin Your Genshin Impact Exploration Forever

Time to practice social distancing from Co-Op for a while

As incredible as it may sound, Genshin Impact had little to no major bugs during the almost three years it’s been out. I can definitely remember some funny showcases with things like infinite Xiangling ultimates or many out-of-bound glitches, but we’ve rarely seen something that was really throwing a wrench in people’s enjoyment. And most of those were immediately fixed too. But now there’s something actually pretty nasty going on in the game.

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People have discovered an exploit where they can somehow make interactable items completely disappear from a player’s world. This goes from Treasure Chests to Domain Trees, Statues of the Seven and Waypoints. Once they’re gone, they never come back even if you log in again or verify your files’ integrity. And the worst part: this exploit works on Co-Op.

The exploit revolves around Kaveh’s Skill, which usually detonates any Dendro Core in its vicinity. But those hackers somehow discovered a way to make it detonate other objects somehow, and they won’t come back no matter what you do. If someone does it to a Luxurious Chest of yours, you can kiss all of its loot, including the Primogems, a bittersweet goodbye.

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People have no idea what has caused this bug, but it seems it was introduced in the latest 4.0 update. And while Kaveh is the main offender, some videos have also shown Nahida doing the same thing with her Skill. Maybe it has something to do with Dendro application itself and not the core-detonating mechanic, but regardless of who’s doing it, the effects are the same.

People have tried everything to restore their missing items. From returning to single-player to connecting from a different device/platform or even reinstalling the game. None of that works. You’ll have to deal with losing part of your game forever. Depending on what you’ve lost in your world, you may be hard stuck forever on certain quests that require items from a chest.

The closest thing we had to this was the old release days, where Artifacts dropped to the ground instead of going directly to your inventory after completing a Domain. Venti users could use their Burst to gather and throw them away in the Abyss, effectively making people waste their Resin. This was more of an overlook than a bug, and it was immediately fixed as soon as people started doing it on Co-op.

If you happen to use Kaveh, don’t worry. The character won’t trigger this exploit normally unless this is your intention. Players on Twitter have speculated about the exploit using another third-party tool or requiring a very specific setup. In other words, you probably won’t be destroying your own items around the game by accident.

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Discord communities have also warned players about the problem too, and the main advice right now is to avoid Co-Op completely until a bugfix is issued. As of now, Hoyoverse hasn’t publicly acknowledged the bug or announced compensation for the occuring. We don’t know if they’ll be able to restore the players’ lost items either as this has never happened before.

What I’m fearing the most right now is the possibility of a small server rollback, which would mean losing progress from the last few days until the bug was initially discovered. I seriously doubt it would come to this, but it’s scary to think about it. 

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