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For a Limited Time You Can Have Your Own Miniature James Sunderland

In my restless dreams, I see that statue.

by Daphne Fama

If you’re a fan of Silent Hill, you likely have some feelings about James Sunderland, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2. And if those feelings are positive, you might want to grab a limited release statue of him before he’s gone forever.

For a Limited Time You Can Have Your Own Miniature James Sunderland

Few characters in Silent Hill are as iconic as James Sunderland, the wife-killer whose guilty consciousness gave birth to Pyramid Head. And for a limited time, he’s available as a 1/6 scale statue. That makes him 310 mm or 12.2 inches, for all you imperial users.

This statue is rendered in loving, hyper-realistic detail, which means you can really see the trauma in James’ eyes. James is also wielding the Wooden Plank, the first weapon he picks up at the start of the game, and there are plenty of Health Drinks at his feet.

For fans who prefer a more lethal weapon, James also has the option of wielding a Steel Pipe and a Revolver. It’s a shame they couldn’t add a pillow into the rotation, too.

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While many statues can be hit or miss, it’s hard not to admire the intense amount of detail that went into this one. The shadows and wrinkles of the clothing, the writing on the Health Drinks, and even the skin texture are all excellent.

And this quality is reflected in the price tag, which lists the statue (which can currently only be pre-ordered) at 42,000.00 Yen. In US Dollars, that’s $317.71. You can place your order here.

If you like the quality and Silent Hill 2 but would prefer a different character to display, Maria will be coming soon. Both James and Maria will fit together, so you can recreate their scene in Rosewater Park where they first met.

Fortunately, the James Sunderland statue seems to be having a much better launch than the Silent Hill vinyl that went on sale earlier this year. To read about that debacle, check out our article here: Konami’s Silent Hill Soundtrack Sale Has Nightmare Launch.

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