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Epic Games Store Down As Grand Theft Auto V Goes Free

by Liana Ruppert

If you’re trying to get into the Epic Games Store to grab your free copy of Grand Theft Auto V, you’re going to have a bad time. The Epic Games Store is down after the latest Grand Theft Auto title goes free and while it’s come back up periodically, the issues persist. 

The Epic Games Store gives players free games every month but it looks like their servers weren’t quite expecting just how many players were wanting to cop a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V on PC. With the alien wars in full swing and free alien swag up for grabs, the GTA Online community especially has been particularly busy. Pair that with the Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and desires, it’s easy to see why so many are anxious to get back into Los Santos. 

Grand Theft Auto V, the story and online title from Rockstar Games, is free on the Epic Games Store PC launcher from now until May 21st. It looks like the Epic Games Store overload is bleeding into other aspects of the company as Fortnite server issues have been reported widely as well following the storefront going topside. 

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Some have reported being able to get into the Epic Games Store but we here at Prima have yet to find any luck in that department. That being said, the company is hard at work on getting a fix in place so that everyone can enjoy the games they love the most while grabbing a free copy of the latest GTA. 

Are you running into any other issues regarding the Epic Games Store and their other properties? Hit us with those errors by tagging us @PrimaGames on Twitter. We’ll update this story as well as soon as a fix is in place. 

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