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Destiny 2 Ghost Shell Perk Disabled After Engram Farming Discovered

by Liana Ruppert

Another day, another time Bungie puts a stop to in-game farming when it comes to Destiny 2. With Season of Arrivals in full swing, many Guardians are boots on ground trying to grind for the best gear and complete all of those luscious triumphs, but it looks like one way to farm Eververse engrams using the Ghost Shell perk has been quickly shut down. 

The news of disabling the Ghost Shell perk in Destiny 2 comes by way of the Bungie Support Twitter account where it was shared that the Seeker of Brilliance perk for the Contender’s Ghost Shell has been shut down. Though they didn’t explicitly state that the farming was the reason behind the decision to disable, it didn’t take long before Guardians found out the company’s reasoning on their own. 

To say that people were a little upset would be a tad understatement, especially with the increased amount of “beaver” server connection issues that have been prevalent.

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While there are other issues, such as the connection glitches, some fixes are easier to implement than others. That being said, many players are being vocal that they feel that Bungie focuses on the wrong issues for quick fixes, especially when those issues affect ways that reward players for grinding and many times, reward them in ways that was the original intent. 

Do you agree with Bungie’s decision to disable the Ghost Shell perk or do you think they made the right move to prevent farming? Sound off with your take over on Twitter @PrimaGames! Be sure to also check out our game hub here for more news, tips, tricks, and even cosplay. And, uh, moon’s haunted. 

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