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What Is the Reward for Exodus: Preperation In Destiny 2?

by Liana Ruppert

Thanks to Bungie Day, Destiny 2 players have quite a bit of new content to enjoy in out in space including uncapped raids, fresh new cosmetics, and a plethora of new triumphs. There’s also a new exotic quest called Exodus: Preparation, but what’s the reward? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

What is the reward for Exodus: Preparation in Destiny 2? 

For those that may have missed the glaringly obvious pyramid ships, four new ships have arrived on the map across Titan, Mars, IO, and Mercury. Our pal Zavala wants you to intercept them and by doing so, earn some new gear all in the name of defeating the Darkness. That being said, new rewards don’t always hit the way Bungie wants, so is Exodus: Preparation worth it? 

After players visit both Asher Mir and Sloan, Zavala has one more update to give regarding The Militia’s Birthright. This is a single-shot grenade launcher and while it’s not the best weapon in the game, it does pack quite the bunch and is solid for those that may not have unlocked similar weapons in its class. 

Once this grenade launcher is scooped up after speaking with Zavala, he has a few more quest steps for players to take which will lead to Mars’ Ana Bray and Mercury’s Brother Vance. Knock out a few bounties from these fine folks and you’re on your way back to the main Exodus quest line until completed and it’s time to head back to the Tower to speak with Zavala once more. After this step has been met, a new triumph will unlock and the Exodus: Preparation quest has been successfully completed. Huzzah! 

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Not feelin’ this particular reward? That’s cool, we get it. There is a bright side! This quest is actually time-locked, which means a new phase for this particular adventure is on the way at a future date. For those that are interested in unlocking everything, these Exodus quests are vital when looking to unlock the final exotic in this series: an exotic sidearm called Traveler’s Chosen. 

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