Destiny 2 Calcified Light Fragment Locations

Players will need to track down 25 of the Destiny 2 Calcified Light Fragments to get the Ruinous Effigy Trace Rifle. Here's how to find them.

The latest Destiny 2 update has arrived and is setting the stage for the Moments of Triumph 2020 event. Further, the update will also now allow players to begin unlocking the Ruinous Effigy weapon, a powerful gun that is capable of turning enemies into void spheres. However, to get the gun, players will need to track down a handful of Calcified Light Fragments locations. So in this guide, we are going to explain where to find Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2.

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Where to Find Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2

In order to get the new Ruinous Effigy Trace Rifle, players will need to complete the Missive quest, which can be found at the Prismatic Recaster in the Annex. The quest itself is pretty simple, but one of the quest steps will require players to find 25 Calcified Light Fragments on Io, Mars, Titan, or Mercury. Luckily, this task in and of itself isn’t too difficult, but it can be a little bit confusing until you know where to find the fragments.

To find Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2, simply visit Io, Mars, Titan, or Mercury and pull out your Ghost. When you use your Ghost, you’ll notice a new waypoint symbol appearing on your screen. Simply pick a symbol to follow and it’ll lead you directly to the Calcified Light Fragment location. When you get close, you’ll be looking for a small, greenish color crystal. It should be pretty easy to spot. Simply rinse and repeat this until you’ve collected a total of 25 fragments.

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Once you’ve tracked down all 25 of the Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2, finish completing the rest of the Missive quest steps and then return to the Prismatic Recaster to claim the Ruinous Effigy weapon. If you’re not familiar with the gun, it’s got two pretty cool perks that you’re going to want to try out. The Transmutation perk will turn enemies into void spheres and the Evolution perk will allow players to pick up the enemy voids and use them as weapons. I know, it’s pretty crazy, right? It gets better. 

If you want an even better version of the weapon, there is a Catalyst available for it that can be earned by destroying Savathun’s Eyes or defeating 5,000 enemies. You may have noticed Savathun’s Eyes appearing all over the place since the launch of the Season of Arrivals, and it looks like players will finally be able to destroy them with the Ruinous Effigy weapon.

Once you’re grabbed enough of the Destiny 2 Calcified Light Fragments to claim your Ruinous Effigy weapon there will still be plenty of things to do in the game. In the links below, you’ll find some of our recent coverage that should help get you started. 

How many Calcified Light Fragment locations have you found so far? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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