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Bungie Removes AFK Forge Farming For Umbral Engrams

by Liana Ruppert

After a familiar AFK Forge Farming trick went viral for Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2, Bungie made quick work to get a fix in place. For those hoping to cap out their soft power level at 1050, the old-fashioned way is going to be the way to go because Bungie just made it impossible to continue using Forges to farm for this season’s Umbral Engrams. 

Umbral Engrams arrived in the new season of Destiny 2 thanks to our good ‘ol pal, Drifter. With the new Prophecy dungeon looking oh so fresh, but with that high level recommendation, many players that may not have the necessary time to grind have been looking for quick ways to power level up in order to take part in the new inclusions with the brand-new season. To take part in the AFK Forge Farming experience was pretty simple: head to the EDZ Forge, load up, and then do literally nothing. Upon your team’s death (it’s recommended to drop to the lowest power level possible as not to group up with those taking Forges seriously), the instance will wipe and immediately load up into a new one, though an engram would be a reward for ‘completion.’ Lather, rinse, repeat until done. 

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This is an old trick used for a variety of instances, harkening back to the original Destiny days. It’s nothing new, but the attention Forge farming got this time around made Bungie take notice and they quickly set to work to make sure that this is one cutoff from a quick 1050. 

Now, instead of re-loading instantly into a new instance, players will be booted back to orbit and forced to re-queue manually. This stops the automatic chain when looping Forge events back to back while being away from the computer. Could players still farm? Yes, but they will need to be nearby to re-up. Given that the entire charm was that it was an automatic process, it looks like Destiny 2 players will have to play more legitimately or grind Lost Sectors, Nightmares, and similar in-game activities. 

What do you think of Bungie’s quick removal for the AFK Forge Farming for Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2? Skewed priorities, or the right move for those players that actually want to complete instances honestly? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, let’s talk engrams, Guardian. 

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