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Destiny 2: How to Farm Filthy Lucre

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny 2: How to Farm Filthy Lucre

Players trying to complete The Bank Job quest in the new Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals update are going to have to collect a lot of Filthy Lucre, a new item introduced in the update. Specifically, one of the steps will require players to collect 300 Filthy Lucre, which is going to take some time. In this guide, we’re going to explain how to farm Filthy Lucre in Destiny 2.

The Bank Job quest will require players to complete a bunch of different tasks, like getting multikills with a grenade launcher for example, and collecting 300 Filthy Lucre. Unfortunately, the only ways to get Filthy Lucre in Destiny 2 is by playing Crucible and Gambit matches or participating in Nightfalls.

Players that have been doing this already will likely be aware that the reward for participating in one of the above events is only worth one Filthy Lucre and since the quest requires a total of 300, it could take a long time. However, we’ve got some suggestions to help players easily farm Filthy Lucre.

Unfortunately, the key is going to be to own the Season of Arrivals Season Pass, which will cost 1,000 Silver. Players with the Season Pass will be able to unlock a perk called Catalyst Enhancement which will increase objective progressions.

So to quickly Farm Filthy Lucre in Destiny 2, players will want to reach Rank 11 and 22 as fast as possible. At Rank 11, objective progression will be doubled and at Rank 22 it’ll be tripled. This means that at Rank 22 the Filthy Lucre reward for completing a match of Crucible, or any of the other above methods, will be tripled.

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As you can imagine, the grind to collect 300 Filthy Lucre for the Bank Job quest is going to be much easier when Filthy Lucre rewards are tripled. To further speed up the process, players will want to participate in matches or Nightfalls that can be done quickly.

So if there is a Nightfall that you’re especially good at, you’ll probably want to grind that over and over again as opposed to playing a Gambit match. Further, playing Crucible matches with Mayhem or Scorched playlist will be a good option, because they’re usually pretty quick. Simply rinse and repeat the steps above until you’ve collected all 300 Filthy Lucre and you’ll have one step of the Bank Job quest complete. 

Bungie has officially revealed the next three expansions for Destiny 2, the first of which is called Beyond Light and will be releasing this year on September 22. It will be followed by The Witch Queen expansion in 2021 and the Lightfall expansion in 2022.

Since Bungie has vowed to support Destiny 2 for the next three years and is promising cross-generational support, this officially means that Destiny 3 is not in development.

Check out the official reveal trailer for the Beyond Light expansion below:

While you’re waiting for the Beyond Light expansion this fall, be sure to check out some of our guides that will help you through the Season of Arrivals update. 

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