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How to AFK Farm Forges in Destiny 2

by Nicholas Barth

Season of Arrivals has raised the max power level that players can attain in the world of Destiny 2. Now, there are multiple ways that Guardians can reach this new max power level. However, one method has emerged as one of the best ways without players having to do much at all to gain its benefits. This method requires players to AFK farm Forges. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to AFK farm forges for those who are curious about trying out this leveling method in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. 

How to AFK Farm Forges in Destiny 2

Players will want to make sure that they have the lowest possible power level for their Guardian before they attempt to AFK farm Forges. The reasoning for this is that it will help you avoid matching with other players who are trying to actually complete a Forge activity where your farming may get in their way. Aim to be lower than 750 power, which can be accomplished by purchasing low power gear from vendors. 

You will then want to launch the Forge located in the European Dead Zone and let the time run out. This will cause the activity to fail and put you into a new instance, which you can then continue this process of letting it fail to AFK farm this member of the Forges. 

This AFK farm of one of the Forges will allow you to acquire a large number of Umbral Engrams without having to do anything other than sitting and waiting. You can then use the Prismatic Recaster to focus these Umbral Engrams into high power pieces of armor that will help you increase your Season of Arrivals power level. 

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It is likely that Bungie will patch this AFK farm method for the Forges sometime in the future. However, as long as you are not ruining the experience of other players, this is a great way to increase your power level in Season of Arrivals while being able to do other things in the meantime. 

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