This guide will show players where to find all of the Runes in Dishonored 2, allowing them to upgrade the Abilities of Corvo and Emily.

A Long Day in Dunwell

The first Rune is found shortly after players encounter the Outsider near the end of the chapter. Continue moving along to collect a Heart. Use this Heart to guide you to your first Rune.

Edge of the World

The first Rune of this chapter can be found soon after you begin the mission. Specifically, you can find it inside the carcass of a whale that rests along the wharf.

Players can buy a second Rune from the Black Market in the town. The Black Market can be found by taking your first left when you start the mission, and then following the road. You will bump into the Black Market doing this.

Find another Rune in the Overseer Barracks, sitting on a table where someone is speaking to a crowd. You can kill everyone and steal it, or use your Abilities to grab it with stealth. Blink or Far Reach would be the best options here.

Snag a Rune in the Canal not far from the Overseer Barracks. Look for a gate where water enters the Canal. If you shoot that gate with your crossbow it will destroy the plank partially blocking the water flow. This will cause the Rune to come to you.

Another Rune is in a safe in the Overseer Barracks. There are some other goodies in the safe as well, but the Rune is what we’re here for. Find the combination by reading a Note and Book nearby. If you still can’t figure it out, open the safe with combination 516.

This Rune can be located at an Outsider Shrine, not far from the Overseer Barracks and Canal. If you’re facing the Wall of Light from the mission starting point, there is a path to the right that leads to the Outsider Shrine. Two Overseers will be hanging around, so deal with them and grab your Rune.

The Good Doctor

Find the first Rune of the chapter in the dining area, located on the first floor and, predictably, near the Kitchen. There will be guards eating there, so defeat or sneak past them as you see fit, and then grab the Rune that’s hanging on the wall. Keep in mind that you can use a Heart to pinpoint its location.

To find this Rune, go outside when you’re on the fourth floor. You should be able to Blink or Far Reach up to the roof. From here, find a window that leads back into the building. You’ll find a Rune just inside of that window.

Find this room by making your way to the third floor and unlocking the door to the Recuperation Area. You should find the required key playing through the level. Expect to bump into the Recuperation Area after you speak to Hamiliton, and find the Rune in the debris of the Bloodfly nest.

A fourth Rune is found in the basement, which you can access by breaking the elevator cables. Blink or Far Reach into the elevator shaft. Once you’re in the Basement, expect to find the Rune on a wall, as well as some other items of interest.

The final Rune of The Good Doctor is found on the fourth floor. Simply pull out the Heart and follow it to an Outsider Shrine, and the last Rune that you can grab in this chapter.

The Clockwork Mansion

A Rune is in the main section of the district. When you first start to spot some guards, turn to your left and look for a building near some civilians. If you go inside that building and kill the Bloodflies, you’ll come across an Outsider Shrine that has a Rune for you. It’s on the third floor. Don’t forget you and use the Heart if you’re having trouble.

Find this Rune shortly after you’re ambushed at the Carriage Station. You can fight and kill your attackers, or avoid them if you’re looking for a low chaos play through. Either way, grab the Rune in their yard. It’s in a damaged piece of furniture on the ground.

This Rune is purchased or stolen from the Black Market. We aren’t sure if there are repercussions for stealing, so choose wisely before proceeding. Either way, 400 for a Rune isn’t bad. You should also grab the Key to Unlock the Ticket Booth. Just saying.

A Rune is found in the Upper Aventa District. If you take a side path around the Wall of Light, you should see a second story balcony that can be reached using Blink or Far Reach. It’s a Bloodfly building, and players can find the Rune near the back.

Grab a Rune in the laboratory, which has many different modules. Use a console to bring up the anatomy module and you’ll be rewarded with a Rune.

The Royal Conservatory

The first Rune is easily obtained by visiting the Black Market, very close to where you start the mission. Remember that you can buy this or steal it, but you should absolutely prioritize having it. If you can’t find the Black Market, use your Heart and it should lead you to the Rune.

An Outsider Shrine contains the next Rune. After the first Wall of Light, climb on the building to your right. You can blink to an apartment close to the edge of the map. Take some time to disable the traps in the room you’ve found yourself in, and then Blink or Far Reach to the upper level of the space. That’s where the Outsider Shrine and Rune can be found. Use the Heart.

This Rune is on the second floor of the Royal Conservatory. You’ll find a room that’s being overtaken by plant life near the front of the building. The Rune will be sitting on a sofa next to some cushions.

Players can get a Rune from the terrace that’s above Ashworth’s Office on the third floor. You’ll have to deal with two Gravehounds, but then you can find the Rune sitting on a desk, and there will be some books on the ground nearby. Again, use the Heart if you’re stuck.

Acquire a Rune by heading to the basement and grabbing the Archive Key. This key, as you might expect, will unlock the Archives that you can find near the stairs and elevator. If you break the glass case, you’ll be able to get a Rune.

Dust District

To find this Rune, follow the waypoint to Captain Foster. After leaving her building, drop down to the street and turn around. Break through the ground floor door and go inside. You’ll get your first Rune from the locker.

The second Rune is most easily found by using your Heart as you enter the Dust District. It will be on the left and inside a Condemned Building. Blink or Far Reach to the second-floor balcony and you should have no trouble finding the Rune. In fact, this Condemned Building is close to where you met Captain Foster.

Grab this Rune from the Crone’s Hand Saloon. This building is located across a small courtyard from the Condemned Building. Look for an office apartment in the Crone’s Hand Saloon. You’ll find an Outsider Shrine, and as is the case with those, a Rune as well.

Another Rune can be found in the Overseer Building. Head to the second floor to find a locked evidence room. You can grab the key in barracks or medical room close by. Take the key from the Overseer and use it to steal the Rune from the evidence room, as well as a few other items of interest.

Crack in the Slab

The first Rune is found on the second floor of Aramis Stilton’s Mansion. When you get to the top of the steps, use the Heart to see that the Rune is in a room behind you. It should be a piece of cake to find from there.

This Rune is a bit more complicated, but using the Heart will obviously help you. Start by taking care of the two Elites that are in the basement, and then searching for a valve’s wheel. When you locate the wheel, throw it through a hole in the brick wall. You can then transition to the present and jump through the hole in the wall to get the wheel. Dive into the water-filled room and attach the wheel to the valve, then turn it to get rid of the water. There’s your Rune.

Another Rune is located on the second floor of the mansion, near a window with a document on it. It will talk about repairs to the window. Transition into the past and knock out or kill the Worker and Guard that are standing by the window. When you return to the present, you should now be able to climb through the window that was never repaired. Climb onto some vines to get to another broken window, climbing inside and transitioning to the past again. You can deal with the three Guards in this room and claim your Rune.

The Grand Palace

This Rune is found not far from the mission starting point. Look for Apartment Buildings and windmill that powers the Wall of Light. From the roof, you should be able to Blink or Far Reach to a balcony below. Get your Rune from the bathroom, and as always, use the Heart if you’re having trouble pinpointing its location.

Grab a Rune from the First Captain’s Suite. You don’t have the combination right now, and we’re not sure of it just yet. However, we know that you can get the combination from the Duke’s suite several floors up, then come back down later and use it to open the safe. You’ll find the Rune inside.

A Rune is located by breaking through a barricade at the side of the private gardens. This leads to an abandoned storage area in the palace. Head down until you find water, and then use the Heart to locate a Rune at the bottom.

The final Rune of this mission is located at the Black Market Outsider Shrine. You could get to this Rune before heading to the Grand Palace if you wanted, but we’ve saved it until the end. Leave the Black Market, turn right and climb onto some rocks. Search for a grassy area until you see some wooden boards. Once you break through the boards you can look inside for a small cave and the Outsider Shrine, which also has a Rune for you.

Death to the Empress

Shortly after beginning the mission, find your first Rune at the Black Market. As per usual, you can buy it or steal it, but anyone who cares about adding or upgrading Abilities should have it. If you’ve done some proper looting, it shouldn’t break your bank. Use the Heart to find the Black Market (because the Rune is there).

Find a Rune a few buildings beyond the Black Market, past the Patrolling Wolfhounds. This Rune is at one of the Outsider Shrines, but is located quite high up. Use your Heart to get an idea of where it is, and then make your way there.

Another Rune is found before you reach Dunwell Tower. If you just grabbed the Rune from the Outsider Shrine, it’s close to that as well. Use the Heart to find it, but beware of two Witches guarding that building that it’s in. Also, keep in mind that this location is extremely high up. Again, use the Heart to give yourself an advantage here.

Once you enter Dunwell Tower you can find a Rune. Head to the security room in the cellar. Once there, look on some pipes to find the Rune. It’s difficult to be more specific than that, but the Heart should help you nail down its location.

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