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Dishonored 2: The Grand Palace – Find the Duke

by Prima Games Staff

In this article we’ll be showing you how to complete Dishonored 2’s eighth chapter, The Grand Palace, with a Low Chaos rating.

Infiltrate the Grand Palace

The first step of this mission is making your way to the Grand Palace, where Duke Luca Abele awaits. The Duke is your target, and as one of the people who orchestrated the Coup against you, his demise is extremely important to the story.

After you arrive at the docks, head up the steps and into the area. Follow the path away from the docks and into the area with civilians hanging around. There are two smugglers nearby, but you can ignore them as they aren’t important to the story.

You can take out your Heart and look around for Bonecharms and Runs in this area if you’d like. However, we won’t be focusing on finding those. If you’d like to know how to find all the Runes in the game, head over to our Rune locations guide for more information and help. You can head right here to collect the things we mentioned above, or continue to the right to progress in the mission.

There are some Guards ahead, so Far Reach up to the balconies above the road to bypass them. Jump onto the circular platform with the tree in the center, then Far Reach up to a third-floor platform just off to the left of the road. There is also an apartment nearby that you can loot. Once you have cleaned it out, continue up towards your waypoint until you spot a Watchtower. Far Reach up to it and disable it, then Far Reach over the Guards below to the next apartment building. You can search the area for more collectibles if you’d like, but once you are ready to move on, continue through the door and into the next area.

Far Reach down to the ground and sneak past the two Guards standing watch in this area. There’s a carriageway above that you can Far Reach to and use to move towards the Palace. Head inside the palace and get your Far Reach ability ready, as you will need it on hand to complete the next part of the mission.

Finding the Duke can be tough, as he can appear at five different locations: the throne room, the private garden, the office on the third floor, Delilah’s chamber, or his own private quarters.

Head through the yard first, taking out any Guards as silently as possible. After you have cleared the yard of the Elite Guard and others, hop over the wall to your left and make your way into the garden. There are two civilians here, but they won’t pay you any mind. There is a Guard here, though. Far Reach up to him and take him out before continuing. You can also wait for the civilians to split up and knock them out too, if you want. It just reduces the amount of complications in the future.

Move up the main stairs toward the building. There are civilians here as well, so watch where you aim. From this area you can reach two important rooms: the pool isn’t important yet, so instead let’s move on for the Duke’s throne room. There’s a lone Guard in this area, so it might not seem too tricky to get past. However, there is also a hidden electrical trap that you’ll want to disable. To do this use Shadow Walk to enter the room and get behind the throne. Remove the Whale Oil Tank from the back of the throne to disable the trap, then use Dark Vision to find the Guard and Maid. Wait for the Guard to move far enough away not to notice your presence, and then grab the Bonecharm off the throne and leave the room.

Head into the pool area and immediately use Far Reach to warp past the civilians inside. There’s a room to the left, enter it and loot the nearby areas to find a long hallway that leads to the First Captain’s Quarters.

Zip past the Guards to the right. They’re drunk so they aren’t much trouble to take out. Then sneak up behind the Veteran and take it out at the office near the end. There’s a safe here that you can loot, but you’ll need to grab the combination out of the Duke’s quarters first.

Make your way back to the sitting room and head through the door to your left. This is the banquet hall. Luckily nobody here is really paying much attention to you, so move through and take out the closest Guard and civilian. There’s also an Elite nearby that you’ll want to clear out. Once those enemies have been cleared from the area, remove their bodies and hide them in the First Captain’s Quarters behind you.

Look for a stairwell near where you entered the banquet hall. You can move down to find a secret area, or head up to find an entire level dominated by the Duke’s private quarters. This is also one of the places where the Duke or his body double can be found.

Double Cross the Duke

For this particular method to wok you have to retrieve a special medal that the Duke carries with him at all times. Once you find the body double (he can be in any of the five places we mentioned above), make sure to grab the Chest Key off his body before you leave him hidden somewhere.

Since the Duke and his double can appear in multiple places, we won’t be going over any specific strategies as to how to find or take them down. Remember to check out each area we listed above, and once you find him you can continue down to the next section.

With the Duke knocked out, loot his body to get the Vault Key. Don’t pick him up just yet, as you’ll want to prepare the Vault before you bring him with you. Head back down to the hidden area we mentioned earlier (it can be activated by a button in a wardrobe), and watch out for the Clockwork Soldier and Arc Pylon in the area. Use Shadow Walk to move to the pylon’s power panel, and disable it by removing the Whale Oil Tank. Now return to the Duke and bring him down towards the Vault. Wait for the soldier to patrol away from the door, and use the key to move inside with the Duke on your shoulder.

When passing through the Vault you should use the effigy inside to seal away Delilah’s Spirit. This is an important part of your final mission, so don’t forget to do it. A small cutscene will play out, and you’ll be able to loot everything inside before you leave. Drop the Duke’s body beside the inner Vault door, then return to the palace via the secret passageway. Unlock the Inner Vault Door to gain easy access to the Duke, then carry him upstairs to his private quarters and dump him on the bed for a rather entertaining cutscene.

Now that you are done at the palace, head back out and follow the waypoint to the Duke’s dock, where Captain Foster will arrive to pick you up.

Your Final Trip Aboard the Dreadful Wale

You awake on the Dreaful Wale once more. Climb out of bed and make your way to the briefing room where Sokolov will talk to you about the next mission. Once you are done, head up to the deck and speak with Captain Foster and use the skiff to move on.

Continue to the final chapter of the game, Death to the Empress, or return to our Dishonored 2 walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and guides to help you beat the game.

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